The Return and a Shift in Direction

by - Saturday, May 04, 2019

Man, this feels somewhat weird. I hadn't written anything in this blog for the last three years roughly and I could jot down many excuses as to why, but I'm not going to. Instead I'll just quickly explain what's going to happen from now on.

So, within the last three years I moved house (yes, I had mentioned I was looking for a new place and in the end I found one and it's a dreamy one too!), I broke up with my then boyfriend of ten years, after a while I started a new relationship with one of my best friends - with whom I'm still with, I changed jobs AND as of February this year I also became a mum. My priorities have shifted, along with my interests. I mean, I still love beauty, fashion and the like, but now my number one priority is my daughter. 

Let me introduce you to her.

Her name is Andromeda Mary-Cross. I gave birth to her on Valentine's Day, at 9.32 in the morning. 

Her coming signified the beginning of my new life, that of motherhood. And although I'm absolutely loving it, being at home all day with a little baby and a dog can sometimes be very lonely. I felt the need to be part of a community again and that's when I've decided to start a YouTube channel along with returning back here, giving this blog a refreshing lick of paint. 

What should you expect from now on? 

Not much will change when it comes to the previous content of this blog, on the contrary, you will find new additions. Talks about motherhood, baby related topics, some interior decorating too and of course hauls! Just stick around and find out for yourselves!

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