Woof Diaries - Introducing Mocha!

by - Sunday, September 14, 2014

For those of you who out there who are reading my blog but haven't met with me in person I felt like introducing you to a very important someone in my life. Her name is Mocha and she is my "daughter". Well alright, she is a Tibetan terrier but that doesn't mean she can't be my daughter too!

There is quite a story behind Mocha's big entry to my life. I found her on a field by a country road while on an educational trip with uni. She was dirty, ridden with fleas and so hungry! I had a sandwich packed with me that I basically fed to her (ham and some bread) and had to improvise by using the cap from my bottle to give her water, as she was afraid to drink from my hand. When she felt comfortable enough around me I picked her up and carried her to the village where the students were supposed to meet in order to return back to Thessaloniki. I basically smuggled her in the bus with the help of some friends and a few hours later and a short visit to our vet, I brought her in my house. Back then I already had one dog and was considering giving Mocha away for adoption, but all those thoughts were gone after the first few days she spent with us. There was no way I was going to part from her. That's when she officially entered my life.

(The photo at the bottom was taken the day I found her in the fields)

I had people asking me why I picked the name Mocha for her, but the thing is that I didn't. The day I found her one of my uni friends picked the name because the colour of her fur was brown (and her eyes were green) and partially because of my coffee addiction. Funny thing how her fur colour went lighter and lighter ever since, resulting in an off-white tone on her body and a light grey on her back. 

Because of the circumstances of her arrival in my life, I don't know exactly the day she was born but I do have an approximate date the vet estimated. Based on that date, Mocha is four and a half years old as you read these lines. And funnily enough, she still acts like a puppy, which is another thing people usually ask me about her.

I'll try to contain myself and not to go all "Squeeeeee!" just because I'm talking about her, but there isn't a day coming to pass that I don't adore her more than the previous one. 

Today won't be the post where I'll talk about dogs in general or the dogs we had before her (you'll get to know Bella and Blackie as well in the future). This will just be the first in a series of posts concerning her, her life, training and pet adventures. Today is just a playful "Hello", accompanied by lots of tail wagging and occasionally a playful lick.

I hope these photos made you smile.

Until next time,


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