The day you turned one month old

by - Wednesday, May 06, 2020

I know, every baby has its milestones and every family keeps track of them in their own way. Usually turning one month old isn't such a big deal, especially if it's not the family's first child (when all is still new and every experience seems overly important), but not for us.

You see, the day you turned one month old some big events took place.

First of all, it was your dad's birthday. 

He turned thirty nine and had been receiving all sorts of teases by me regarding his age. After all, he will always be older than me and always will be teased over it! We had a few hours of fun and jokes, sitting all together in the dining room, when the news came in. 

Your nan had woken up yellow and had gone to the hospital to find out why.

That's when the day took a turn to the worse. Of course your dad lost his good mood in a few split seconds, with worry and anxiety overtaking the joyous moments we had earlier. Don't forget, we are still battling coronavirus and it's not considered safe yet to be out and about, especially in a hospital. We are in the midst of the pandemic, with social distancing going on and people staying at home, not meeting in person with other households besides their own. 

She was sent to take a scan, so the doctors can find out what had caused the jaundice. Unfortunately, the results of the scan were the cause of further concern. 

Your nan is still going through tests and exams as I'm writing this post, and to this day we are not 100% sure what it is that she has, although there are indications. We are all hoping for the best possible outcome of all this.

So now you know how eventful that day was, and why I felt it needed to be mentioned.

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