Two Years Already?

by - Monday, June 27, 2016

It feels like yesterday when I was an early teen and received my very first makeup palette as a gift from a relative. I remember playing with the colours and absolutely loving blue eyeshadow (didn't we all when we were young?) and mascara. I actually have a photo from back then where I'm sporting a blue smokey eye. I would dare uploading it here if it weren't safely stashed in my photo storage box back in Greece. 

Then came the acne and along with it the discovery of makeup, first in a medicinal form (the white as snow acne cream I had to apply every morning and every night came with a tube of colour, so my very first attempts at finding my natural skin tone and matching it to the cream started then), then in the form of concealer and powder foundation. 

Years passed, the products became better, my techniques improved but I still hadn't taken makeup seriously. I hadn't reached that point where you walk past the "plastering" to the point of discovering the art behind it. If you were to ask me now what was it that opened my eyes I won't know to tell you. I can't even remember what I was googling about when I stumbled upon one of my favourite beauty bloggers a few years back and got so caught up reading her blog that I had to return to it the next day. 
Months later I created this little corner of the interwebs so I can talk about my new-founded passion of makeup to whoever out there wants to listen, among the things I've always loved before. Music, movies, games, my dog, food, travel, you name it.

And the story is still writing itself...

Thank you for sticking around!

Until next time, 


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