On The Move

by - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You may have noticed lately that I'm not around these parts as much as I used to. Don't you worry, life is moving on and so do I. Literally. Yes, the reason for my absence is the fact that I've been On The Move for the last month or so, looking for a new house to call my own and turn it into the home I always dreamed of. 

Believe oh me, it has not been an easy task to do. Between lots of extra hours at work, trying my hardest to find a house where pets are welcome, booking a viewing and actually making it there before it's taken off the market has been a struggle. 

What is it with home owners in this country? I thought it was almost quintessential for British people to live with pets - cats the majority of the time - yet it's almost impossible to find a listing for a house rental without the dreaded NO PETS line included in the description. And when I do find one it's usually too late, because it has either already been taken (but somehow it takes ages to take the listings down from a site?) or the agents don't have available appointments on the days I'm off work or something else equally stupid happens. 

Now other people in my place would have quit by now or waited for a later time to start looking again but not me. I'm not a quitter, not in any way. I will be moving out and that's a fact. When exactly it will happen I don't know to tell you, but me and Mocha are looking to move into greener pastures soon enough, because I can't imagine a home without her. I've said it again, she is my daughter, not just my pet and wherever I go she goes. 

I will try and keep you updated with new information from the house hunting front but for now excuse me if I go radio silent for a while. You will see a stray post popping up here and there but consistency will have to go out the window until there's a location of the new ED headquarters on the map. 

Thanks for the understanding guys!

Until next time,


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