What I Brought Back from Ireland

by - Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I can't remember how old I was when I first said I wanted to visit Ireland. Luck has been on my side and last year I made the maiden trip. It was love at first sight and since then I promised I'll be travelling there more often. This year it was a quick spring break visiting friends but flying there was not without peril. Walking by the duty free area isn't a task taken lightly and I found myself stopping by a few counters, my will succumbed by great products and amazing prices. Here's What I Brought Back from Ireland.

My first stop when I travel is always by the Chanel counter. I'm finding it impossible not to stop and say hello to my favourite lipstick of all time, Arthur (I've written a post about him and the story behind the choice of a name, you can find it here). The magpie in me though needs to feed itself, most times resulting in me purchasing something new. This time it was the Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in the shade 30 Naturel - Translucent 2. There is a lighter shade to this one which matched my skin slightly better but since we're officially into spring I picked the darker shade to match my skin tone in the upcoming months.

I really won't get into details about the packaging, you've all seen it before, the glossy black case with the mirror inside. What you may not know is that it comes in a velvet black pouch, so you can further protect this baby, especially when travelling. The reason I picked this powder over the latest releases, Chanel Les Beiges, is because this one gives the matte but radiant finish I want.

The Jo Malone counter happened to be the second stop. I had managed to get my hands on the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Cream last summer when I visited my family back in Greece (link for the post here) but even now I was regretting not purchasing the perfume as well. This time I couldn't let this happen again, so to the counter I went and this little miracle of a fragrance was added in my basket. 

The Wood Sage & Sea Salt range is Jo Malone's most famous perfume and I'm glad it's not a floral or fruity one (they tend to last only a couple of hours on my skin before they evaporate fully). The combination of wood with spices and salt makes me think of a slope covered in pine trees that ends to a beach. It's magical. It's surreal. And it's perfect for me. 

Last stop before I went looking for a hot cup of coffee (preferably latte but that day I was fancying a mocha) was Urban Decay. On my last visit to Ireland I had stopped on that very counter to pick up only one of the best palettes EVER, the original Naked. This time my mind was set on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage ConcealerI didn't want to fall for the hype but I had read a lot of reviews about it and the vast majority were positive, with many bloggers praising and urging their readers to buy. I had to see with my own eyes if indeed it was as good as people said. And the verdict is, yes, it is incredible.

I went for the Light Neutral shade only because I feel I'll be able to wear it all year long in comparison to Light Warm which would restrict me to late spring/summer months (I know we're going into summer soon but this is not the only concealer I have/use you know!). 

It's a fact it won't be long until my next visit to Ireland, quite possibly within the year. It's also a fact I'll be bringing beauties back with me again. Do you do the same and stop by the duty free zone every time you fly? Do you hover around the beauty counters for what feels like hours like I do? 

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