My Little Box April 2016

by - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. I disagree. A long walk out in the countryside on a warm sunny spring day, where you can smell the flowers, have a picnic on the grass and get lightheaded on sweet rosé wine is ten times better in my eyes. Maybe I'm too romantic sometimes to choose flowers over jewelry, but I believe April's My Little Box agrees with me.

So April's My Little Box is not like any of the previous boxes I have received. It's still a box but it's made to look like a book and one I would gladly display on my bookcase. The theme of the month is flowers, with the cover and the spine of the book/box covered in a beautiful floral pattern and My Little Box ribbon is attached on the side to keep the lid closed. 

Come inside, I was greeted by a small box that peaked my curiosity. It was labeled Jardin d'appartement, which translates from French to appartment garden. Inside I found a small pouch of seeds sitting on top of absorbent paper and on the bottom of the box instructions on how to plant them and help them grow. How lovely an idea that is! It reminded me of preschool, when we were taught how to grow lentils in small containers. 

Some people may find this a weird item to be included in My Little Box but I feel the need to remind you that this is not strictly a beauty subscription box, it's actually more of a lifestyle box with some beauty products included each month. It's the main reason why I love My Little Box so much and why it's the only subscription I still have going on.

The second lifestyle item included in this month's box comes in very handy for those of us who tend to go on city break trips or long weekend holidays often. It's a travel pouch for vagabond lingerie *giggle* that was created in collaboration with it-label Balzac Paris. "La Vie Elegante" is perfect for carrying all your dainty underwear and has two separate compartments - one for knickers and one for bras - to keep everything safe and sound, no matter how far you choose to roam. 

I definitely suggest you take a look at the other items Balzac Paris have on their site, I personally fell in love with the George shirt, the Ulysse Lavande shirt and the White, Grey and Mustard Yellow Trainers. Unfortunately you may get a bit frustrated with the site as it is only in French - unless for some odd reason it wouldn't let me change the language to English to force me practice! 

Now to the beauty part of April's My Little Box. I can tell you this, there was a lovely floral fragrance coming from my box even before I made it to the pouch, telling me something lovely was waiting for me in there. And I was right. 

  • L'Occitane en Provence Pivoine Flora Shower Gel: This little culprit here was the reason of the light springtime smell contained within my box. Why culprit? Because a tiny amount of it spilled out, not too much though to ruin the pouch or create a mess. I'm actually glad it did, otherwise I wouldn't have picked the smell of peonies straight away. And you know what? Peonies are some of my favourite flowers - along with orchids and lillies. The gel transforms into a light foam that gently cleanses, leaving behind that lovely smell. The bottle I got is 75ml, so more of a travel size than a sample.

  • Nails Inc. London Nail Polish in "Piccadilly Circus": You know those varnishes and you know them well. I can't claim to be a massive fan but some of their colours are simply beyond this world - a.k.a. Duke Street & Cornwall Gardens. Piccadilly Circus is a dark berry wine colour that in my eyes matches autumn better than spring. I'm happy I got it, just the timing for it was off. 

  • My Little Beauty Rosy Mornings Detoxifying Mask: So you've just left your bed and you want to help your skin look more refreshed than dull? Do you also enjoy the smell of oranges? Then this mask is for you. With ingredients such as sunflower oil, oranges and of course vitamin C, this clay textured mask changes its white colour to orange when applied to the face (I believe it's heat activated). Takes two minutes to work its magic and voilá, your face is glowing. Thanks My Little Beauty!

I'm over the moon with April's My Little Box - or should I say Flower Book? - but I really want to listen to what you think. Did you love it as much? Which beauty products did you receive - where they the same as mine? Share your thoughts!

Until next time,


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