ED ft. Instagram #1

by - Sunday, April 17, 2016

There are so many visually stunning Instagram profiles out there it's easy for me to get lost browsing for hours when I find something to my taste. You know the profiles I'm talking about. With their sharp clean pictures, the well thought grid structure, the personality behind them. But what's the point of finding them if I don't get to share my favourite discoveries with you? ED ft. Instagram is about to change that!

Let's start with what I call edgy in pretty much everything. Fashion, food, interiors, lifestyle, you name it and @eggcanvas knows how to. Erica Choi, the woman behind the account is a digital art director and her Instagram grid agrees. Clean lines, simplicity and a profile to be jealous of.

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And from edgy let's go to girly. Lace, flowers and the most adorable little Maltese terrier (seriously, I'm in love) named Toby, all come together under the name @thepinkdiary. Sharon loves the colour white, all sorts of berries, popsicles (that she makes herself using berries) and macaroons. I'm not always in the girly mood myself but when it does happen I love spending time just browsing her profile.

Instagram has been turning into a little corner of Pinterest with all these interior design profiles popping up. There are way too many to follow but one of my favourite ones is @interior9508. I found the bathroom of my dreams in there, along with some fabulous ideas for home decoration, so whenever I'm looking for inspiration I turn to them.

It's not often I'll find someone in Instagram who shares the same fashion taste to mine. Very rock chic(k) but with feminine accents, @audreylombard is my kind of lady. A hint of leopard print, a pinch of lace, a good dose of studded leathers and the presence of ripped jeans are there to make a statement. Audrey knows it's showing your personality through fashion that makes you stand out from the crowds.

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What are your favourite profiles to follow? Care to share the love? Maybe one of them will creep up into one of the series following posts!

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