Rose Gold Obsessed

by - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You must have noticed on my last Home Sweet Home Haul a pattern arising. For the last two months now I've been obsessing - like most fashion and lifestyle bloggers out there - over rose gold. Obviously it wasn't enough to incorporate it to my little corner, the madness spread further into my accessory choices. Rings, necklaces, earrings, a bracelet and a watch prove it's now official. I'm Rose Gold Obsessed.

It's not just the rose gold metallic colour I fell in love with when I picked up these lovelies, their daintiness added extra value to me, plus I pictured a few chic outfits I could recreate with them on. 
It's all about being chic these days, right? 
At my age - yes, I did just throw my thirty two years in the mix - it gets you far, especially when you're trying to make an impression!

Now you could go to soooooooo many places looking for similar accessories, the high street is literally swamped with them, but if you're particularly interested in looking for the ones I got then you need to head to H&M and Primark
Why did I pick those two? Well, because looking good doesn't necessarily mean spending a fortune and these two brands have proven to sell little gems every so often. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find any of them online to provide the links besides the watch (link), but I guess the main reason I'm writing this post is to pose a question to you. What is your opinion about rose gold? Do you think it's just another passing trend or is it here to stay? Also do you have any recommendations on accessories shops I should be taking a look, online or not? 

Until next time,


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