Hitting the Target

by - Sunday, March 27, 2016

Have you ever had a bucket list with things you wanted to do before the God of Death comes upon you - and what do we say to him my fellow Games of Thrones fans when he does? Anyway, I am fortunate enough to say I ticked one more thing off of that list, archery, and to top it up I've done it at the same neck of the woods Robin Hood used to! Hitting the Target wasn't easy but hell, was it satisfying when it happened!

The whole idea came up during a conversation with my friend Charlene. Well, to be exact, we were just looking for something different to do than staying in with a hot cuppa (we do that all the time), and an outdoors activity sounded fun. After a couple of searches here and there I emerged victorious. A morning spent going air rifle shooting, axe throwing and archery had everything we wanted and more. We booked it straight away!

We were both taken by the beauty of the area when we arrived at the designated meeting place. Trees everywhere, pathways for long walks, cabins sprawled here and there and a coffee house/restaurant to cater visitors. Everything was incredibly beautiful, serene yet full of life. Strangely enough my blocked up nose decided to take the day off, allowing me to breathe properly. The relief was immense.

While waiting for the rest of the group joining the activity to gather round we managed to snap some photos, my favourite being the little robin I managed to capture while he was taking his lunch over at the bird feeder. 

First activity of the day was the air rifle shooting. I'm not going to lie, I wasn't really enjoying it until I was given a rifle with a scope. My eyesight is not exactly top notch, so using the scope made the world of a difference. Not only I could see perfectly, I could point, shoot and actually hit my target! The rifles we used had a little bit of a knock back but nothing major and the loading was a bit stiff, especially when pulling the barrel down to put the pellet in place. I wasn't expecting to like shooting so much, who knew I was a natural at it too!

Second activity was the axe-throwing and I must say this was the one I was most excited for. I somehow believed we're going to be throwing small axes, more like hatchets, but that wasn't the case. Our guide explained to us how to position our bodies before we release the axe and I can tell you from experience now, it's much much harder than it looks in the movies! From all the people in the group only two managed to hit the target correctly for the axe to sink in, the rest of us made fools of ourselves trying. It was a good laugh though, especially our guide's comments over Braveheart and Robin Hood.

And with that we moved to the last activity of the day and the one we originally booked the day for, archery. I don't know why but I had a feel I'm not going to be a good archer, maybe I'd be better if I was wearing my prescription glasses and not my lenses or maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse, who knows? I was horrible at first but I persisted and managed to almost get a bull's eye (not a real bull's, I swear there were no animals around us). 

By the end of our activity I knew I wanted to do this again in the future, especially the air rifle shooting! Taking advantage of the sunny weather we stayed a little bit longer and enjoyed a warm cuppa (I told you we do this all the time!) and a pizza for dinner before heading back. 

Have you done something similar yourselves? How did you find it? Was it easier or harder than what you originally thought it'd be? Feed my curiosity please!

Until next time,


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