Red Passion Day

by - Sunday, February 14, 2016

Most people today celebrate Valentine's Day, I don't, out of choice. Never really saw a valid reason to make a fuss about it, after all I think when you love someone you should show them every day, with every chance you get. Thing is, I don't want to feel left out either, so instead of a Valentine I celebrate Red Passion Day. And yes, that's a name I came up with!

What is it that makes Red Passion Day different from Valentine's Day? Well, first of all you don't need a partner to celebrate, you can be single and ready to mingle! Another thing you have to do is have something red on you all the time. From an outfit to your nails to the lipstick you are donning on the day. I usually go for the latter - any excuse to wear a red lip is a good excuse! Pretty simple, right?

I do have an all-times favourite red lipstick I tend to grab first (it's a Chanel one) but I wanted to go budget friendly in this post, so I'll be sharing with you five brilliant red hues that won't break your heart - or your bank for that matter.

  • Max Factor Colour Elixir in "Ruby Tuesday": Not only do I love the name of this one (and the song it goes with it of course) but its shade too. A very bright, highly pigmented creamy lipstick with orange undertones and the closest dupe I have to my favourite Chanel one mentioned before. Did I mention it moisturises the lips as well? Retails for £7.99.

  • Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in "One of a kind": Is it red or is it plum? Well, I think it's an in-between, more likely a very deep red wine colour. And it's stunning. Lasts all day long, leaving a stain. It's con? It can be quite drying on the lips, like most mattes do these days. But hey, I carry a lip balm with me all the time, so problem solved. Only £6.99 on the highstreet.

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte in "Hot Pepper": How many times have you seen one of these little babies featured in this blog? Too many is the correct answer. Why? Because all Velvet Mattes are absolutely stunning. This one here is the brightest red they have in the collection and after the first application I knew it would be a love to last, just like the vibrant red stain left on my lips. Orange based again, lightweight and girls, not a smudge in the picture! You can get this for £8.99.

  • L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in "Scarlett Creme": The only red lipstick I have with blue undertones and funnily enough it's the one that's hardest to find right now, since L'Oreal discontinued the line. It applies smoothly and leaves a silky feel but you have to use a liner if you don't want it smudging. I don't grab it as much as the others but it's always nice to know I have an alternative to my orange undertoned lipsticks. There are still a few of these left around, just click on the link over the name and grab one for £4.49 only!

  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in "Ruby": I left this one last because it just about pushes the boundaries between highstreet and highend. Also because, although I absolutely love how creamy and hydrating it is, its lasting abilities are falling short. If you like mineral makeup and don't mind re-applying after a few hours then this is definitely one to go for. Retails for £14.99.

So what do you think of my Red Passion Day idea? Does it get a thumbs up or not? I surely hope so!

Until next time,


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