My Most Recent Addiction #1 - Outlander

by - Sunday, February 07, 2016

Do you really want to know one of the main reasons why I've been so silent this last week? Well, let me tell you a story of a woman who mysteriously traveled back in time only to find that her future was meant to be in the past. Her name? Claire. The TV series? Outlander.

Like most binge worthy TV series, this one too comes from a book adaptation. The author is Diana Gabaldon and so far she has written not one or two but eight(!) Outlander novels (she is writing the ninth book as we speak). The books have sold millions of copies through the years, way before Starz and Ronald D. Moore turned the story into a big TV success. 

I obviously have to suggest you read the books at some point, before or after you watch the TV series is up to you. I started the first book, Outlander (or Cross Stitch as it was originally published in the UK), after I finished watching season one. Main reason behind my action the fact that you can't include every scene that's happened in the book when you adapt each chapter to screenplay, some things get lost in the process. I couldn't afford to do that, I fell in love with the story and the characters so much I wanted to know everything I could about them! 

So what is it all about?

Outlander is a marvelous mashup of historical fiction, adventure and romance taking place at the Scottish Highlands, among other places. 
Claire Randall (played in the series by Caitriona Balfe), is an English nurse who has reunited with her husband after the end of WWII. They head to Inverness, Scotland, for a second honeymoon only for Claire to fall through time while visiting some mysterious standing stones, finding herself in the 18th century where the Jacobite rebellion is in full swing. While there, she meets a very charismatic yet occasionally unreconstructed Scottish lad named Jamie (Sam Heughan) and finds herself torn between her growing feelings for him and her desire to return home. What follows is a load of romance, sex, healing, fighting, kilts and witches, as Claire and Jamie attempt to stay one step ahead of the bad guy, Black Jack Randall, who just happens to be the ancestor of Claire's husband Frank (Tobias Menzies in both roles).

Sounds amazing, right?

The show became an instant hit over at the other side of the pond, was aptly characterized "the mother of all Highland flings", gained a crazy amount of fans (myself included) and a second season has already been filmed and will air 9th of April in the USA. It is also baffling how it hasn't been on UK TV yet. Oh well, hope that changes soon!

Be prepared for a more feminine, romantic version of Game of Thrones, with all of its plot twists and darker intentions. And of course the nudity, there's a lot of that too. And there's Scottish Gaelic thrown in there, which I absolutely love listening to but can't make a word of (obviously), whenever the clan members talk.

Here's the official trailer for season one, in case I got your attention!

I know I can't wait for season two to start, I've even managed to stop myself from reading "Dragonfly in Amber", the second installment of the Outlander books. Come on April, hurry up!

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