My Little Box February 2016

by - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February has been a very busy month for me so far. Tons of workload plus the stress of looking for a new job before my current contract comes to its end didn't really allow me to unwind and cheer up. The task befell my sweet Mocha (my Tibetan terrier dog for the non frequent visitors to this blog) and My Little Home Box, who both did their absolute best!

After the January box, which was a huge success, came My Little Box dedicated to Home Interior Design and stole my heart. Remember what I was telling you last month about my plans of redecorating and my wish list? Plus my last post? Well, this My Little Box couldn't have come at a better time!

Upon opening the box I was greeted by the signature postcard, only this time it came with its own frame, a  lovely faded blue Swedish style one. Not only this, but the postcard carried a print on both sides, giving me the choice of picking the one I liked the most. 
"The uncommon beauty of common things",
words from Charles Eames, spoke to me more than Kanako's lovely illustration this month.

I have to ask, did you also grow up surrounded by interior design magazines everywhere or was it just my mother (who not only bought every magazine there was but an encyclopaedia as well AND would sit with me for hours on Sims planning rooms, spaces and color/theme schemes) who was addicted to them? I'm not complaining, actually I'm glad because she helped me develop a sense of decorating but whenever I see a Home magazine now I get as excited as a child in a candy store. That's exactly what happened when I shuffled through the glossy pages of February's issue, reading about the art of Framing and getting tips on how to make minimal deco work for different rooms of the house. Let's just say that some of those pages will be used as inspiration for a project I have in mind.

The item though that stole the show in My Little Home Box was a pillow cover! Donning a geometrical pattern on one side and a white polka dot on a pale blue grey background on the other, it doesn't just look lovely, it also fits perfectly with the white and grey scheme I have currently on my living room. 

February is not all about home though, there is also a corner for beauty tucked in a little pouch. This month it caters specifically skin, with a body cream, a face cream and a face mask.

  • Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream: A luscious body cream with honey, cocoa and vitamin B5 that smells like the English countryside? Rich, non sticky and a very generous 100ml sample size (full size is 180ml and retails for £36), it is perfect if you're not a fan of subtle scented body creams.

  • Noxidoxi Mask & Peel Scrub and Exfoliating Mask: I've tried a Noxidoxi product from a previous box - a serum - and was more than happy so giving this one a try was a pleasure. I must admit I enjoyed how my skin felt after but there is one thing that made me dislike the mask. It contains silica beads to exfoliate which, if you're not already informed, are those tiny little particles that end up in the sea and cause tremendous problems to the ecosystems. Most beauty companies have switched to natural exfoliating ingredients like rice, so I would have preferred it if this was the case too. Oh well, "you can't always get what you want" like Mick Jagger correctly sings. 

  • My Little Beauty Easy Morning Face Cream: My Little Box's own beauty brand is here to the rescue with a face cream that will give your skin a lovely glow, especially if it's feeling dull and tired. I don't use radiance creams often, my oily skin makes up for the extra glow, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this particular one. Not only did it hydrate but also unified my complexion, so many thumbs up My Little Beauty!

I didn't think January's box could be beaten, not after that beautiful calendar, but the team at My Little Box had to prove me wrong. Can't wait to see what March and the first box of the spring is going to bring!

Until next time,


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