Glossybox January 2016

by - Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 2016, Glossybox. The creative team decides to name the box "The Year of MORE". No matter how I try to believe it I can't seem to do so. Maybe they should have named it "The Year of No More". 

I've gone back and forth with Glossybox before, but I think this time the decision is final. Gone are the days when I'd find brands I was actually excited to try. No matter I filled in a questionnaire to have the products sent to me catered around my preferences, it feels like no one actually pays any attention to them when they send out the boxes. So I'm taking action. This is the last Glossybox you'll see for a while. 

  • Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask: I have two reasons to be disappointed. Firstly, I hate it when products come without a safety seal on them, forcing me to use them before they need to be recycled. Secondly, this particular face mask from Unani was created to target sensitive skin types, not my super oily one. I know I'm not going to bother with this, especially when I have other beauty remedies to try that will do something to help my case. In my "Give to Friends" basket it goes. Full size product, retails for £11.36.

  • Teez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in "Coral Onyx": Why would you pick to send such a bright summer colour in my January box Glossybox team? And why do you say it's highly pigmented when it just about leaves some colour to my lips - which by the way is gone in less than an hour? I will admit, the formula of the lipstick is definitely hydrating and does help nourish the lips but its creamy texture has diminished its longevity. Another product to be given away to friends. Full size, retails for £11.93.

  • ANGELE Paris Red Nail Lacquer: Nevermind the old fashioned thin brush - I can live with that. Not only is this just another generic red nail polish, it's also so greatly thinned down it's a joke. Two coats weren't giving me the desired opaque effect I like, it was the third one that did but I don't have time to waste on a cheap polish. Thanks but no thanks! Full size, retails for £6.32.

  • Madara Cellular Repair Serum: The only sample in this month's box and it happened to be the one product that is closely catered to my anti-ageing needs. Ironic, right? Madara is an organic brand I've never heard before that's hailing from Latvia. Their serum contains birch juice - which is currently creating quite the buzz in the skincare world - to help plump the skin while nourishing it. My hopes are high. Luxury size sample, full size retails for £38.

  • Glossybox Eyeshadow in "Glossy Mauve": The last product in the box comes from Glossybox itself and is a beautiful eyeshadow in a shimmery, brownish-mauve colour. The formula is almost buttery and easy to blend I'm quite impressed with it. The packaging feels a bit cheap but I'm all for good quality product over packaging - although when you have both you can't be happier. Full size, it would retail for £7.10 if on sale.

Two out of five unfortunately is not enough for me, especially when the two products could easily be a near miss too. And to make things worse, this is not the only time it's happened. I feel Glossybox is losing its edge, so until they find it back I'll remain without a subscription. 

Did you have similar issues with your boxes before? What did you decide in the end, leave or stay? Let me know!

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