Fresh Paint, Fresh Start!

by - Sunday, January 10, 2016

New year means a fresh start and to me that translates to a new lick of paint, to the redecoration of a room, to a creative breath in my personal space. That's what this post is all about.

I'll sidetrack for a bit but bare with me. 
I know you were probably expecting a fitness post. No matter how much I tried I never understood why 90% of the population goes fitness wacko in January. I get the whole "let's get healthier" spiel fashion brands along with big gym chains are throwing at our face and the result of overindulgence after Christmas is gone but seriously, do you know of many people who did start exercising at this time of the year and managed to keep up with it? Yeah, me neither. 

Now I'm not saying "don't do it" and I'll be one of the first people out there to applaud you if you do, but I prefer to keep my "fat" until the weather gets a bit warmer, usually around March. When people get the January blues and want to change something drastically I stick to the same as it comes to my appearance but choose to give my living space a makeover. Because the house looks empty after the tree is gone!

I haven't yet changed anything, I'm still on an inspirational mood, reading blogs and magazines, getting ideas about small spaces and trying to adjust solutions to my budget without breaking the bank. That means DIY, disaster about to happen for some but for me it's only second nature (thanks mum!). 

I've found the instructions on matsutake's blog on how to create this amazing desk I've fell in love ever since I laid my eyes upon and honestly, I want to create a corner in my house with that desk as center piece! Oh, and have you read the best part? The total cost is less than £70! 

The furniture I've picked are all from IKEA, so no major expense there and the additional joy of assembling them - yes, I know most people hate that but I've worked in IKEA a few years back and this was my favourite part! - makes them ideal for this project. A KALLAX shelving unit where I can keep all my books and showcase some of my pretties, the SKRUVSTA chair in white or grey - I still haven't decided - and the KLIMPEN drawer unit would all be perfect additions. 

As for the rest, I must admit I have fallen for this recent trend of rose gold accessories on white backgrounds, hence why I've picked the accessories I have. The one I have to have, no matter what happens, is the Crosley white and rose gold record player. I love the gritty sound of an LP playing, it would be the perfect addition to the room. For you who follow me on Polyvore you already know that record player had been in my birthday wishlist not so long ago. 

So what direction do you take when a New Year starts? Do you join the gym or change something in your appearance like your hair (yes, that's my second choice) or personal style? Do you renew your space like I do? What's your thing?

Until next time,


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