Beauty Haul #7, the Winter Edition - January

by - Sunday, January 24, 2016

January. It's cold, actually no, it's freezing cold out there but who cares? It's also SALES time! I must confess, money was spent on fashion and homeware and many other places, hence the small beauty haul. And as you can see for yourself, this month I'm focusing on skincare, make-up can wait for February!

I'll start with the two items I didn't actually purchase myself, they were given to me as a gift from a very good friend of mine who had recently traveled to India. 

She got them from a brand named Forest Essentials and they're both authentic Ayurvedic formulations. I have to admit, the Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub smells like cleaning products for the bathroom - not the best of smells for certain people - but when I moved past that and used it I was happily surprised. Not only is it nice and cooling when applied on the face but the finely milled walnuts remove dead cells and impurities gently, caring for all types of skin while brightening the complexion all at the same time.

As for the Light Hydrating Aloe Vera Facial Gel, it's the pure extract from the Aloe Vera plant, a natural humectant that adds moisture to the skin and helps it heal. I didn't use it strictly on my face, let's just start with that. I had an irritation on my arms that was most possibly caused by environmental changes (damn you weather!) and this little miracle reduced the itching and ultimately healed the area. I couldn't be more grateful!

The next three items from my January haul also hail from a country other than the UK and no, these ones I purchased myself! Yves Rocher is a French pharmacy brand that I've known since I was little - my mum used to buy their products - and happened to get reacquainted again through a sample from one of my beauty boxes.

Do you have a particular smell that is heavily associated with Christmas? For me that smell is oranges and cinnamon (basic ingredients in a traditional Greek recipe for a seasonal dessert), so when I saw a mini range of Candied Orange and Cinnamon on sale - it was part of the Xmas collection specials - I knew I had to have them. Shower gel, body lotion and hand cream have been well cared and loved since the minute they arrived. I can't even begin to describe how hungry they make me feel all the time and how incredible their smell is!

Last but not least come two purchases from the Body Shop. You see, I was due to visit the store to exchange my birthday voucher (did you know that you get sent one when you register with them?) but had made it clear to myself to keep the damage to the minimum. I was very proud I actually contained my excitement and managed to leave only with those two little beauties, a Glazed Apple scented candle and one of Body Shop's older scrubs which recently had a revamp. It's now part of the Spa of the World range and it is none else but the African Ximenia Scrub, only I got the old packaging - which I actually like a bit more if I'm honest.

I've been burning the candle most cold nights ever since, it brings a certain warmth in the room that is more than welcome. As for the scrub, you'll be hearing back soon enough.

Did you get anything special during sales? I hope you did, it really does help fight the January blues!

Until next time,


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