Winter Wonderland

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2015

I'm officially in countdown mood. Twenty three more days until Christmas, sixteen days since the new Star Wars movie! I had a great day out with one of my best friends, got loads of shopping done (last few gifts and some treats for myself), had a meal and I'm finally back home, with a cup of coffee, writing about fashion. Did I forget to mention my friend works in it? Ooops!

Everywhere we went today I could see all those patterns that resurface every year around this time, checks and tartan, red and green, silver and gold. And although all of them are intertwined with the image of Christmas we grew up having, I for a difference find myself drawn to grey and white, eagerly waiting for the first snow to fall. That's why I decided to share with you three different outfits from three retailers here in the UK, along with all the links you need to shop them if you wish to.

River Island

I had to start with River Island only because they have gone and created the most beautiful white coat of the season (it's the one in the very top picture), one I hadn't had the chance to get my hands on. It's grey sibling is quite beautiful as well, don't you think? And that bag! 


H&M has always been one of the fashion retailers I keep close to my heart, not only because I worked for them but because you can find their clothes in many countries. This year their focus is on those more traditional colours for Xmas, but I was still able to build an edgy outfit. And after today I'm the owner of that necklace too!

New Look

I wish I looked good in a fur coat because I would've brought this bad boy home with me. Unfortunately I don't, but this didn't stop me shopping from New Look. A very similar dress is now hanging in my wardrobe, plus the necklace. Tell me crazy, but I absolutely love geometrical jewellery. 

Time for a hot cup of coffee and some me time now.

Until next time,


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