The Beauty Bin - Empties #3

by - Sunday, December 06, 2015

I'm so incredibly bad with empties, I swear! If the products aren't what I expected and can't be given away or if they're completely empty then they're sacrificed to the gaping chasm of my garbage bin before a second breath is drawn. These few survived the massacre, let's at least give them an honorary mention before their bitter end, shall we?

I'll start with two products that have been recycled more than once so far but I didn't bother saving all the bottles. No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover and Embryolisse Micellar Water are my go-to's when I return home from work to remove all the gunk and top layer of makeup. Quickest way to get my face clean even on the most tiresome days, will be repurchasing ASAP. 

There have been days where I've been skipping the whole moisturising my body step, which is really bad because I tend to get very, VERY dry legs. I decided to try a spray body moisturiser because it's quicker and this Vaseline Spray & Go was the bomb. Fast and easy application, even faster absorption from the skin. Absolutely perfect for me, with the added bonus of coconut smell! If I didn't have too many body creams to go through I would have repurchased already.

There will always be products I'll love, others I'll hate and some that I'm between two minds. This Dr.Jart V7 Turnover Booster serum is one of them last ones. It absorbs quickly and adds a natural glow to the face but also, because of the vitamin C it contains, makes skin more vulnerable to the sun so you have to use either sun cream or a face cream that definitely has SPF in it. I can safely say I love it more than the Olay serum I'm currently using but I wouldn't go back to it when there are other serums out there on the same price tag that I like even more.

I've talked about Balance Me as a brand before (post here) and I could go on and on raving about them again. I won't, but you should definitely give them a try. I absolutely loved their Wonder Eye Cream, it's 99% natural and helped lift my baggy eyes in many a times. 

My other under eye saviour was Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye Concealer. You know the one, you probably have it somewhere in your stash as well. Loved the colour and the twisting tube, absolutely loathed the sponge. Many women find it very convenient but all I could think was non-hygienic, not to mention it's getting everywhere and looks dirty. Oh well, I'll still go buy it, only this time I'll remove the sponge and use my own brushes to apply.

You'll see the same pattern again and again, as concealers are my best friends. Not always though. I was one the first raving about how great the new H&M beauty products are (post here), but this Radiant Concealer Pen has been such a big disappointment. It's watery, it's runny, it's not pigmented enough. It's a lot of things, none of them good (besides the packaging, that rocks).

L'Oreal Touche Magique True Match Concealer has to be one of my favourites from the high street. Not only does it stay there for me, it's easy to apply, it conceals a lot for a highlighting pen and the shade is really close to my natural skin colour. I also found out they've recently changed the packaging to resemble Lumi, can I have a hurrah for that please?

The product left for last was the one I was expecting the most of and got the biggest disappointment. Bourjois is one of the brands I adore (don't let me start on their Matte Velvet liquid lipsticks again) and the Chocolate Bronzing Powder had been suggested by so many people out there I had to give it a try. I really like the colour and the warmth it left on my face, but damn, it wasn't prepared for my oily skin. About two months down the line the product was unusable. The surface became so hard I had to scrape it to get to the bronzer, which I can only guess happened because of the oil residue on my brush (before you say it, I do wash my brushes once every ten days). Nothing similar has happened to my other Bourjois bronzer, but I won't be getting this one again.

Any of the products mentioned part of your favourites? Or part of your current makeup kit? Do share your thoughts and more, offer some recommendations too!

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