Glossybox December 2015

by - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

There is a redelivery odyssey coming with my December Glossybox, but I will spare you the pointless details. The important part is that it's now safe and sound on my desk, ready to be reviewed by yours truly. "Let's Celebrate"- like the box says on the side - its Rose Gold Edit, a collaboration with Really Ree, a beauty blogger of the interwebs.

When I first laid my eyes on the box I fell instantly in love. This is a box that will be re-purposed and showcased somehow, rather than become storage solution in one of my drawers. Stunning presentation, but I believe you're here for the contents rather than the box, yes?

I have a bag full of mixed feelings unfortunately, looks to me like they've put a lot of thought and creativity into the presentation but left the beauty part last. There's three products I'm quite happy to try and three that I'll be giving away, so you could say it kind of balances the scale.

  • Etre belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On: Is there a woman out there who parties through the holiday and doesn't suffer from dehydrated, puffy eyes at least for a day? I don't think so! This cooling gel from etre belle will be your best ally during the season, definitely turning it into a jolly one. What I love mostly about it? The roll-on applicator of course, so easy to use and so perfectly portable. 10 ml of golden caviar goodness only for €19.95 (£14.55).

  • Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser: Award winning for its excellence and super gentle to cater even the most sensitive of skins, purity is the type of cleanser you really have to try at least once in your life. Philosophy's purity removes makeup, dirt and oil from your skin while toning and hydrating at the same time. One of those gems I've discovered on my very early steps in the beauty world - suggested by another blogger - and fell in love with it (besides maybe the price tag, 240ml retail for £18), second excellent product choice in this month's Glossybox

  • Essence Liquid Lipstick in "Show Off": I have to admit, although I was happy to see Essence products arriving to the UK and to stores near me, their range is hit and miss most of the times. This liquid lipstick is a miss I'm afraid, not only is the colour unbefitting for the season, the packaging is so cheap it looks like fake children's makeup. I didn't even put it on to avoid, it just looked way too glossy for my liking.

  • So Susan Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil: Remember what I said upon receiving another highlighter in my Birchbox this month? Same curse struck again! I got another highlighter, this time in a pencil form, funnily enough from the same manufacturer, So Susan! This one has a better chance of being used, I do like the application a lot but I just can't see myself wearing a highlighter on my oily skin. Will possibly end up with a friend, but thanks for trying Glossybox!

  • Cheeky Chat me Up Nail Paint: Cheeky is a brand developed by the same people who created Cowshed, something that instantly peaked my curiosity. I'm one of those passionate nail polish lovers (I'm not going to state the amount I own) who's more than happy to try something new but look at this colour! It's a sweet baby pink one and I fervently abhor the vast majority of pink shades. I can't even bring myself into trying this but I know my friends will appreciate it more than I do.

  • Starskin Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Mask: Bring on the sheet masks, I'm ready for them! This Starskin mask is the sixth product in the box - yes, we got an extra one for Xmas - and is here to make a difference to tired, dehydrated skin after a night partying. The mask itself is soaked in 30ml of serum, perfect to annihilate dullness and perk up the skin. I can see myself wearing tonight after work, with the long hours I'm doing this time of year my face needs some loving. 

Six products later I can't say I agree with everything Really Ree had to suggest for the December Rose Gold Edit Glossybox for 2015, but I won't complain either. 'Tis the time to be jolly, not annoying, right? 
What is your favourite product from the selection above? Did you get something different in your box?

Until next time,


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