Woof Diaries - King Blackie

by - Sunday, November 08, 2015

Once upon a time there was a King. His name was Blackie and he was a king to my family's hearts. 

I still remember the first moment I laid my eyes on him. His head peaked out from the bicycle basket he was in and I fell in love instantly. I remember my sister making all those cute noises and believe, she doesn't make those noises for no reason. Blackie was a gift from my dad to me and my sister and I can say with safety that he was the best gift I've received in my life so far. 

His name was picked for him by me, A) because he was a black ball of cuteness when he was a puppy and B) because I was going through a period of my life when I was listening to W.A.S.P. almost every day and Blackie Lawless was seen as "The Idol" he has portrayed so perfectly (seriously, if you like 80's hair metal ballads then click the link). 

I have so many memories of him being a pup and doing all things pups do, ruining shoes, being naughty and growing extremely fast every day. In almost no time he was big and strong, looking like a full grown dog but also so funny because of his still young behaviour. My grandpa loved him, my nan pretended she didn't yet when he went "missing" one night - mating and not caring to come back until the next day - she was the most upset of us all. He had won all of our hearts, but especially my sister's. He was the King of her world. Her son. Her most beloved.

Blackie is no longer with us, hence the reason why I've been using past tense all this time. He was poisoned and left to die in our own back garden. He wasn't the only one either, fifteen more dogs were poisoned that same day by a lunatic. The anniversary of his death is not far away, so today's post is in his memory. 

You're always and forever in our hearts Blackie, my boy.

Until next time,


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