Pretty Honest

by - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I have a confession to make. I've started writing this post before I've even finished Pretty Honest. Yes, that's how great it is and why I want to share it with every person out there. Plus we're only a month away from Christmas now, it would make the perfect gift !

The author of the book, Sali Hughes, has been in the beauty industry for yonks. She is a resident beauty columnist for the Guardian weekend magazine, she is a weekly contributor to BBC Radio 5 live, she has a Youtube channel and she is very active on other social media as well, like Instagram (@salihughesbeauty) and Twitter (@salihughes). She has been around, has the knowledge and all these years she has been trying to pass it down to us, fledgling little beauty admirers, through her columns, videos and posts. Putting them all together into a book I feel was the next thing to do and I'm more than glad she did.

There are so many subjects she covers in the book I seriously didn't know where to begin. Felt the urge to skip to certain chapters more than once and read the whole book in the order I wanted to be informed and guess what? It's something you can do! Want to know more about acne? Page 173. Brows? 107. Mani and pedi? 249. Thirty four chapters and a bucket load of information to take in, but trust me, at the end of the book you'll feel as if you've accomplished something. As if somehow someone handed you down some form of beauty degree. You think I'm kidding? I am not.

But I'm not suggesting you read the book just for the knowledge you'll receive. I'm suggesting you read the book also for the way Sali writes. She is funny, smart, eloquent. She will get you thinking one way or the other.

"I use serums and creams with antioxidants like an agnostic prays - they do me no harm and, well, you never know...
"I adore red lips but they are not compatible with vigorous snogging unless you both want to look like Robert Smith of the Cure.

I really don't know where to start and when to stop! Read the book and then we can sit down with a hot cuppa/coffee (or two or three) and have a conversation about beauty and the beauty of beauty. Of beauty. Of beauty. Right, I need to stop now. Just go read the book.

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