My Little Box November 2015

by - Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I know for a fact I'm not the only who loves sweets. Any kind of sweets, from cakes to gateaux to tartelettes to chocolate and cookies, I'm all for that life. There isn't a day going by I don't have a little something to treat my self, even if it's something as small as one Minstrel bite. I admit it, I'm a sweet tooth and this month My Little Box is really not helping fight back my addiction with its Sweet Box Edition!

Forget about the ordinary cardboard boxes, this month My Little Sweet Box is tin and you can save all sorts of lovely treats in there. You can use it as your lunch box on a working day or as storage in your kitchen to keep all those recipe sheets in one place, it's up to you. Decorated with jam jars, eggs, pasta and a wide variety of kitchen ware, it's not just practical, it's simply adorable!

First thing that greeted me when I opened it was a Christmas surprise card. Yes I know it's not Christmas yet but if you're struggling to think of a great gift for a friend or family member then why not give them a subscription to the world's cutest box? I find it such a great idea and seeing how happy it makes me receiving my box every month, I would definitely want to share with my loved ones. 

Main focus for November is cooking and My Little Box has asked Mimi Thorisson, food blogger extraordinaire with her own food show (, for an interview and some of her recipes to share with us. Now I didn't know of her before but I have to say, after browsing the recipes on her blog and looking at all those photos, I'm now salivating. There are four recipes in My Little World, a watercress velouté soup, a garden cake, chocolate swirl meringues and a duck confit parmentier (a fancy name for a duck shepherd's pie), but I can't take my mind off the pumpkin gnocchi with Saint-Nectaire sauce, I will have to give it a go!

It wouldn't have been right if we were talking all this time about cooking and didn't have the necessary tools, correct? That's why there is also an apron neatly packed within the box. White, full of kitchen tools and ingredients prints, with a massive pocket that has My Little Chef printed on it. Can't wait to use it, I can already smell the cake coming!

One more item that came in the box before we move on to the beauty side of things is an envelope that carries decals for your kitchen jars in black and white lettering with some very clever comments underneath. I particularly like the coffee (May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short) and cereal one (Good morning, beautiful!), all I need now is new jars!

It's not a foreign concept that many beauty products are made to smell of food these days, and with My Little Box dedicated in sweets this month it is only normal the three beauty products of the box smell similarly.

  • AINY Un Songe d'Or Beauty Oil: Created by medicinal plants and smelling like smoked orange and bitter chocolate (honestly!), this oil can be used on face, body and hair. I personally use oils on my nails, they're perfect for a nourishing cuticle care, but I'm afraid if I use this I'll end up chewing my cuticles, that's how great the smell is! £29 for 100ml.

  • Yves Rocher So Elixir Bois Sensuel Eau de Parfum: There are perfumes I like and perfumes I tend to avoid, this is definitely a winner. It includes iris, vanilla and patchouli, all sensual feminine notes that stay with you for hours and have you connecting memories to its smell. Let's just say I've already ordered the full size, how's that for proof of its greatness? £52 for 50ml.

  • My Little Beauty Sweet Hand Cream: Sweet as candy floss or maybe marshmallows? It moisturises my hands and make me crave for something sweet I can actually eat before I end up eating the cream itself! 

With December only a few days away and Christmas on our doorstep I'm getting all the more excited about next month's My Little Box. It will be its second holidays and I hope they are as magical as last year! Are you excited as well?

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