Birchbox November 2015

by - Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last of the beauty boxes for November and last on my preference this month as well, Birchbox felt like it was out of place and time. A collaboration with Skinnydip London (a celebrity blogger-favourite lifestyle brand) barely raised any interest of mine, plus what's with the summer themed box when we're marching onwards to Xmas?

I am very confused here. And disappointed, as Birchbox has been consistent with its choices for a significant amount of time now. I guess everyone is entitled to make a mistake here and there and their time was due. 

Skinnydip London + Birchbox = Squad Goals, a competition for the subscribers where they have to take photos of them and their best friends together and post them on social media with the hashtag #BirchboxUK for a chance to win goodies from the brand along with some full size beauty treats. I can't say I'm impressed, especially after taking a quick look over at Skinnydip's online shop (I prefer geeky accessories far more than girly, cute-sy ones). And then comes an offer of £10 off when you spend over £24 (add BIRCHBOX at checkout, offer ends 12/12), which again is OK but not something every subscriber will appreciate.

Moving on to the beauty products of November's box and the disappointment continues. Six samples, only two I can actually use myself but let's go through all of them anyhow.

  • Lord & Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner: I've been eyeing a translucent lip liner for quite some time now and seeing a Lord & Berry one in my box was definitely a happy surprise. I'm a fan of the brand and I'm absolutely stunned with this liner! Tried it with a very bold lippie on and everything stayed in place. 100% approved! Full size retails for £9.

  • Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm: Cleansing balms have been a trend this past year but I was reluctant to jump in the bandwagon, mainly because I was more than happy with the products I have been using all this time. I guess it was about time I gave one of them a try and I can now understand why all the fuss. This Trilogy balm looks like butter (pretty much like my Bodyshop argan oil lip balm) but turns into an oil when heat is applied to it. It contains coconut oil, rosehip and mango butter, smells really nice and isn't harsh at all which makes it suitable even for those with sensitive skin. Definitely worth it! Full size retails for £19.50.

  • So Susan Featherless Mascara: The only full size product of the box and its biggest failure too. Claiming to add volume even to the shortest lashes when all it does is coat them with a black pigment, plus it's really watery and smudged in less than an hour (thank goodness I was at home when I was testing it). I think after trying a few products from So Susan I can now say I'm not a fan, so please Birchbox team no more samples from them, OK? Retails for £18.

  • Beauty Protector Beauty Cream Body Lotion: Their hair products are great, all subscribers know that. The problem for me with this Beauty Protector body cream is something that most people will enjoy, its scent. I usually like sweet smelling things but I can't stand having such an intense smell on my hands and body all day, it literally makes me sick. Nice as a daily hands moisturiser but I prefer something richer for my body. Full size retails for £8.

  • Delarom Créme Acquaconfort: A day cream with an attitude, packed with loads of good ingredients for the skin the likes of almond and apricot oil, aloe vera extract and a few great vitamins (A,C,E to name a few). Personally I hadn't heard of Delarom before although I'm trying to stay updated on French pharmacy beauty and after giving this a try I can recommend it to people with dry, dehydrated complexions but it's surely not for mine. Nice smell though. Full size retails for £34.

There was also November's beauty treat included in my Birchbox, a Notting Hill Eau de Parfum sample from English Laundry that's so fresh and fruity it makes you want to eat it but, as I've explained in another post before, my skin doesn't do well with either flowers or fruits in perfumes, they tend to evaporate fully after three hours tops. It is a perfume I would gladly buy as a gift though, especially with Xmas round the corner.

What did you get on your Birchbox this month? Share your thoughts about the collaboration with Skinnydip if you will, am I the only who didn't like it?

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