Beauty Haul #5, The Autumn Edition - November

by - Sunday, November 29, 2015

A few breaths away from Christmas and I have to say this November felt a lot more like a premature winter month rather than the late child of autumn. Temperatures have fallen like the leaves from the trees and everyone is in preparation for the winter holidays, myself included. Plum and scarlet lips, flushed pink cheeks from the cold and nails that bring in mind holly berries (please tell me you laughed with this one as much as I did when I wrote it).

In expectation of December I tried to keep this haul on the small side, knowing all too well I'll be spending a small fortune on gifts for the family and maybe a small treat for me - I haven't decided what it'll be yet, just that I'll make myself one.

Berry lips are all the craze again this year but I personally have been avoiding them, convinced my ginger hair (coloured - I wish they were my naturals) would clash with the dark plum colours everyone's been rocking around me. What changed my mind? A photo from last year where I have a very similarly plum colour on my lips. And guess what, it doesn't look odd. So I took down that same old road to the drugstore again and returned with three (yes, three) berry lipsticks, one from Rimmel's The Only 1 Lipstick newest in the colour "One-of-a-Kind" and two from Bourjois, "Plum Plum Girl" and "Grand Cru", both of course being Rouge Edition Velvet Matte liquid lipsticks!

One of the very first purchases this month has been a fragrance, yet not an ordinary one. It hails from Ann Summers and it's their newest perfume release called Aphrodisiac. And yes, for those of you who already guessed, it's a pheromone infused one. If you don't know what that means please go read THIS and educate yourself, I beg of you! It carries a heavy, musky scent in its top notes but its heart is sweet and woody, I want to say sandalwood but I may be wrong. Perfect for a night out, especially for when I'm in the mood for some serious flirting!

Here's something I haven't spoken/written/purchased a while, as if somehow someone erased this part of beauty from my mind. Nail polish! I've been going nail bare, mainly lacking the time to pay my hands proper attention, partially because  after I had acrylics on it took over a month and a keratin treatment down the line for my nails to recover from the shock (never again, always gel!). It's so hard not to stop on the nail polish displays when wandering the beauty aisles, plus I already had those lipsticks in my basket so I thought it wouldn't hurt if I match lipstick to nail colour, right? Two caught my eye, one of Maybelline's Forever Strong Pro in Divine Wine and one from Nails Inc. in Uptown (both of them were on offer due to older packaging). 

As you can see, I wasn't joking when I said I kept this haul on the small side. Is there anything in particular you like the most? 

Until next time,


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