My Little Box September 2015

by - Sunday, September 27, 2015

I know I'm horribly late with My Little Box but you have to cut me some slack here. I was away on holiday and then came back to a new job, lots of training and commuting. By the time I was home and had some free time to myself I was merely able to cook, eat, shower and hit the hay in that particular order (with cooking being optional some days). My Little Box was waiting patiently for me to indulge in it and today was finally that day! Hey, did I mention it's all about FASHION this month?

Hey ho, it's not really such a big surprise, I mean with Fashion Week going on and all that jazz, but hey, I'm all up for a sprinkle of colour not only in my makeup drawer but in my closet as well! 

The design of the box is as always unique and quite elegant, depicting catwalk VIP seats occupied by stylish women. The lady in the centre is coloured which I could say represents the subscriber, so yeah, I could be her but I also could be the third or the fourth from left to right. Now is it only me that has that strong urge of colouring the rest of the ladies based on the current trends in fashion?


I don't want to ramble on about the post card again, let's just mention that I absolutely agree with Jean Cocteau's saying (they look marvelous on the floor, don't they? *insert cheeky wink here* )! Needless to say this will be framed.

There are two lifestyle items in September's box, try picking between an all-time classic drink and an all-time classic scarf to start! Yes, you read that right, I found a small bottle of Cointreau hidden in my box along with a set of cocktail recipes to enjoy! I'll be waiting for the right occasion to come up before I break this baby's seal but winter is fast approaching, so do all the house parties with friends.
And then comes the scarf. Not any scarf I tell you but a limited edition American Vintage scarf that was created particularly for My Little Box's subscribers to celebrate the brand's ten years in the fashion scene. Oh boy, am I in love with the pattern! Gorgeous, right?

After a quick flick through My Little World's pages and I was looking forward to my beauty pouch, which by the way is special this month but we'll get to it after I tell you about the nail decals from Alfa K I found hiding between the magazine's pages. I'm a great supporter of abstract designs in clothes and accessories, which automatically made me like them a lot but I can't see myself using them because of their colour. Pastel pinks are not for me but if they're up your street then by all means rock them girl!

"Trust me - you are lovely" 
is exactly the motivational speech every woman needs to hear every now and then, even the ones who claim they don't (raise your hand here if you're guilty on that last part). Printed on this month's pouch as a reminder to us all, right before we satiate our hunger on all things beauty.

  • La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream in "Light": After jumping on the bandwagon with La Roche-Posay's Serozinc Toner and becoming a fan, I got well and truly chuffed when seeing the brand's BB Cream in my box this month. Sensitive skin? They got you covered. Dehydrated skin? Covered! Looking for some basic coverage but don't like using makeup every day? Well, look no further! It does all that and then some as it absorbs fast, has SPF20 AND smells heavenly (seriously brought back memories of childhood summers) of shea butter and cucumbers(?). I'm definitely giving this a whirl and will soon let you know of its effects on my skin (because we all know shea butter is a big enemy of oily complexions).

  • Kerastase Couture Styling Spray á Porter: I may be one of those women who see others owning the tousled beachy waves hairstyle and secretly resenting them because my hair refuse to do the same. Now this spray tells me I can do it too, no matter the weather in the UK hates any form of hairstyles (that lovely combination of wind and rain, ya know?). So what if I just managed to accept wearing a ballerina bun 90% of the time? Maybe I should try the beach babe style again! 

  • My Little Beauty Red Dingue de lui Lip Colour: I hate to sound cliché and all, but OMG! If you've been around long enough you already know my passion towards Bourjois Velvet Matte liquid lipsticks. Let's just say that this little fellow here is as good as them, if not better. Enriched with vitamins, easy to apply, dried in a few seconds but didn't make my lips feel dry in the process, plus that raspberry colour! Can a woman ask for more? Of course she can! Do you have more and where can I find them available in the UK please?

So what if I got excited with other subscription boxes as well? My Little Box is the only one that has kept me coming back for more each and every month! 

Until next time,


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