Birchbox September 2015

by - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Five years, five candles for Birchbox! September is the month they celebrate their birthday with a glamorous Birchday and this year they've decided to show us here in the UK how they'd go about on a special day like this back in the U.S. of A, where it all began. So what do you say, wanna take a quick beauty trip to America with me?

There are quite a few famous and immensely loved brands born in the USA, one of which happened to be part of this month's box! Oh, in case you've noticed, my box contained seven items this time instead of six which isn't the norm (not all subscribers got the extra product) but I'll explain as I go, OK?

  • Laura Mercier Facial Polish: I had to start with this one, Laura Mercier is one of those favourite brands of mine. Haven't used the facial polish before so I'm well and truly chuffed with my sample! The polish has microbeads that offer a mild exfoliation all the while invigorating the skin cells and making you smell of apricots! Sample I got is 11,3gr when full size is 100gr and retails for £26.

  • Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser: A brand not very familiar to people in the UK but one of the most well known ones in the US, Beauty Protector brings us a body wash sample that carries a musky, oriental smell (which actually reminds me a lot of a Greek brand body wash I was using ages ago) after a luscious lather up. I'm more than happy to use this and go down the memory lane afterwards. Full size is 236ml and retails for £8.

  • Benefit the Porefessional Licence to Blot Instant Oil-Blotting Stick: All beauty junkies know Benefit, no need for introductions here. Not so long ago they've introduced a few new products, this oil blotting stick among them. Now I'm one of those people this stick was meant to target and I was happy to receive the sample but after a quick trial I can say I'll "stick" to blotting papers myself. Not really happy with it but then again I'm one of them extremely oily complexions, so I didn't see any difference. Sample is 1,4gr, full size is 4,3gr and retails for £15.50.

  • Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil in "Cray-Cray": Birchbox team seems to love Laqa & Co, as this is not the first of their products they have included in their boxes. A coral peachy colour that's easy to wear on the lips or the cheeks as it blends smoothly, but (there's always a but, right?) I have to say I would have liked it more if I had this a few months ago rather than now since the colour pick is rather summery than autumnal. Full size retails for £16.75.

  • John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler: Another brand I've never heard of before, hailing from NYC comes John Masters Organics and along with it comes a hair detangler. Now before I would have been a bit disappointed with this, mainly because I have straight hair that rarely to never become tangled, but I'll be giving this a try solely because of its smell. Have you ever made a lemon cake and the batter smelled of the citrus peel before you put it in the oven? How many times have you resisted eating the batter there and then? Well, this detangler smells exactly like that, so if it makes my hair smell like it then I'll be a happy bunny. Contains coconut oils, wheat amino-acids, neroli and grapefruit, all great to nourish troublesome strands. Sample I got is 30ml, full size is 236ml and retails for £16.

The beauty/lifestyle bonus item in this box is a Birchbrush (decent Tangle Teezer dupe, retails for £5.99) that I'll be keeping in my handbag in case I need it when I'm on the go, but you've already noticed the Whish body cream in coconut milk (full size is 142ml and retails for £23) in the photos there, yes? Well, it came as an extra bonus for referring friends to Birchbox's newsletter last month and I have only one thing to say. OMG, the coconut smell! I'm dying! 

Did you get the same items as I did in your Birchbox? Which one was your favourite product in the bunch? 

Until next time,


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