The Battle of the Nudes

by - Sunday, August 30, 2015

One brand asks if I dare to go bare, the other one if I dare to go nude. Apparently summer time isn't the season to talk about the best pop of colour (in my mind spring is), it's the season we show our skin a little bit more, the season "nudity" is the BEST option to put our money on. For me, summer is still going on, as I'm currently away on my holidays. And let me tell you, I'm not lacking in the nude department. Beauty-wise you cheeky gits, beauty-wise!

I have to admit it, I get weak at the knees when I see a nude lip perfectly matched to each skintone. I feel it's some sort of a challenge to find that one lipstick that will literally be the colour of your lips only better, a challenge worthy of a quest. Mine didn't last that long, it only took me 5 lipsticks to find the match made in heaven. 

The journey started with Maybelline's "Tantalising Taupe", a lipstick that even to this day I consider second to my best one. There have been days even now when I'm being asked which lipstick I'm wearing. This I call a small victory. But I had to have more.

I started looking for a beige nude rather than the pink undertone one, don't ask me why, I feel I was trying to go for the "deader than dead" look (what was I thinking?). I sampled and sampled many brands and different lip products, which resulted in two nude purchases.
Rimmel's Apocalips in "Nude Eclipse" and Colour Rush Balm in "Drive me Nude", also Rimmel. The first one is my dead colour which I now use as a base before I dab a brighter lipstick on to mute it down a bit and the second one is a mechanical pencil one (very poor packaging, the letters have all rubbed off) that stains the lips and stays put for hours.

I got Pixi's Shea Butter Lip Balm in "Honey Nectar" in a Birchbox, fell in love with it and carried it everywhere for a whole winter. Christmas came around, I went shopping and ended up with a Bourjois gift that included their Rouge Edition lipstick in "Beige Shooting". Still, my ONE eluded me, but not for long.

I found it by accident, while tagging along a friend's shopping spree. JLo's nude shade from L'Oreal. I can't even describe. Let's just say I've been in love ever since.

But the nudes don't stop with lipstick. They've taken over the world of nails and eyeshadows. I had to endulge them too. But this post has been too long already, so I'll leave you with some photos and an eyeshadow palette you should look for in the next post. Believe me, it's worth it. 

Until next time, 

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