My Little Box August 2015

by - Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm starting to wonder if there's going to be a day when My Little Box does something and gets me really disappointed. Is it possible for a subscription box to be as great as to never get it wrong? Because I tell you, after opening August's Gypset box I'm convinced they have some magic potion they take and come up with the best ideas for us. Do you even know what a Gypset is? No? Let me explain then.

Gypset (adj.) - Someone with a passionate soul, an adventurous mind and a bohemian nature. 

No, this is not the official definition of the word but you get the gist. Gypsetters are the people who live to travel, will deny to settle in one place and generally adopt pieces of the colourful cultures they meet in their travels, something that reflects in their clothes and lifestyle. They are the epitome of bohemian, don't you think? 
Bohemian is exactly what My Little Box is trying to offer us this month, especially since this fashion trend returned for good last summer and has already taken over all the designer catwalks for AW15. Tell you what, they did a pretty damn good job!

I won't even mention the actual box, I'll only say I would love to be in a hammock somewhere hot, enjoying the lovely weather with a cold beverage. What is there to say for the postcard included, with the truest words coming from Jack Kerouac: 

"Be in love with your life, every minute of it".

That's exactly the positivity a gypsetter has and that's exactly what we all need. You know what else they usually have in abundance? Accessories around their wrists. If you're finding hard to do that, then the beautiful hair ties in the box can also be worn as bracelets, plus you will never find yourself looking for one and be left with an untamed mane ever again. 

Beauty wise this box has nailed it once again. Not only do we get three products but this time one of them comes straight from my country, hip hip hoorah!

  • Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk: I literally grew up using Korres products. His body milks have always had a special place in our home, so when I saw this little beauty in my box I  squeeled of happiness. The smell of basil and lemon takes me back straight to my grandmother's garden. As for its moisturising abilities? I can assure you the organic almond oil it contains will hydrate even the most thirsty of skins.

  • So Susan Colour Hybrid in "Marsala": A vibrant red that can be used both on the lips and the cheeks while on the go? Yes, please! The added bonus? So Susan is a cruelty-free brand, plus you'll find no parabens or phthalates in this little handbag saviour.

  • My Little Beauty Bronzing Powder in "Summer Caress": I never thought I would say this, but my quest to find a bronzer that fits my skin tone and doesn't make me look orange could easily be considered over. 10gr of naturally looking, sunkissed glow is very welcome to my makeup stash, I need more allies like this one here. 

But the most impressive, amazing, colourful item in this month's box is not the makeup. Alas, it's a bag. The best collaboration of My Little Box so far and the most cute ethnic pouch I've seen for a very long time, created by ANTIK BATIK, stole my heart the minute I laid my eyes on it. A rich petrol blue with many yellow details and a pattern that brings to mind a marriage of 60's fashion and traditional dresses found in the African desert. It's Marrakesh meets Twiggy. It's amazing. It's big (like Sport Billy Omni-Sack big, check the link if you don't know what I'm talking about!) and it has already coming with me on my holidays trip back home!

Don't despair, summer is not officially over yet (23th of September you can start mourning), no matter what the weather is trying to dictate. Put your best smile on, a flower headband in your hair and don't forget, gypsetter or not we all have a wandering soul in us!

Until next time,

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