Glossybox August 2015

by - Thursday, August 13, 2015

August has been a crazy month so far. First week I spend in Northern Ireland, celebrating a friend's birthday with a massive BBQ party. A few days upon arrival back home the boy had his birthday as well. And now I have to talk about birthdays again, because August is the month Glossybox celebrates as well! 

Four years old, with many brands under its belt, even more subscribers and a success that's been spreading through the world, Glossybox created a thank you box this month with five full size products from all over the world. From home-grown favourites to must-haves hailing from abroad, it's time to celebrate!

  • Manna Kadar Lash Primer: Hailing all the way from the other side of the pond, from a newly-introduced company to myself comes this creamy white lash primer. You apply it before mascara and because of its vitamin B12 it helps nourish the eyelashes as well as add volume to them. All well and nice so far, but why white? Couldn't they pick a neutral colour, something that wouldn't be so hard to cover up when you use a really black mascara? 4g retail for £14.55.

  • MeMeMe Lipglide in "Playful Peach": Chubby lip crayons are all the trend this summer, best combination between a lip pencil and a lipstick, plus so easy to carry around in a bag. I do like the notion and the colour the Glossybox team picked is really lovely but I personally won't be wearing this on my lips. It's not hydrating at all and it smells of paraffin, similar to the Crayola sticks we all had when we were kids. My sensitive nose literally can't take it, this will be given away. Retails at £6.95.

  • Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush in 108: Three months ago Glossybox subscribers were asked to pick between a blush or a brush. The outcome of that vote is Swedish Emite's blush/bronzer hybrid, now also known as "blunzer". Extremely pigmented (a little will go a very long way),  warm toned in an almost brick orange brown colour, it can be a natural bronzer to tanned/darker skin or a perfect autumnal blush for lighter complexions. 10gs retail for £20.59 and believe me, I can't see you hitting the pan anytime soon with it!

  • SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser: You do know it's best to use a different cleanser for your intimate area than the rest of your body, right? Something that will treat your skin better and respect your natural pH, leaving you feeling clean? Well that's exactly what this cleanser from SASS will do, as it works like a probiotic to balance your skin's pH levels. A little tip if you want to stay fresh all day, buy feminine wipes and keep them in your handbag, you never know when you may need them. 100ml retail for £7.

  • Naobay Calming Face Toner: How do you know you're really enjoying a certain product? You have back ups stored away, right? Well, this bottle of the Naobay toner is now the third one I have! Yeah, that's how much I like it. Spanish brand with natural products that works perfect even with sensitive skin, plus packaging looks AMAZING! I love the fact that the toner contains chamomile, it's so soothing to the skin. 200ml retail for £10.65, well worth every penny.

Before I wrap the whole post up I have a confession to make. 
For the last few months I've been getting more and more disappointed with Glossybox, mainly because I received many products that weren't catered to my needs based on the profile I had filled in. Although the July French box was absolutely lovely, it didn't really raise the bar enough to justify the continuation of my subscription, so after using my Glossydots for the August box I decided to cancel the sub. I will be keeping an eye on what the box will be offering in the future and may return to it at a later point, but this will be the last Glossybox post you'll see for a while. 

As for the August box? Besides the Naobay toner that I absolutely love there's nothing else in there I couldn't live with. I'm sorry but I will have to let Glossybox go.

Until next time,


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