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by - Sunday, August 09, 2015

Somebody pinch me, it's August already. I've been to Ireland (a post will soon be coming up, do not worry) and by the time I was back a parcel was waiting for me. Birchbox is always the first one of my subscription boxes to arrive and August came along with a #hashtag and a competition. I don't know about you but I definitely have a #BeautyJunkie in me!

I was going to start this post talking about the Oh so cute! box the Birchbox team created for the month but there's one sense of mine that was well engaged with the contents before I even removed the outer packaging and revealed the #BeautyJunkie box. My sense of smell. Yes, I knew this box was going to be amazing because it was smelling heavenly. 

But yeah, the #BeautyJunkie box. Covered with a wide variety of beauty emojis the team created for all us beauty addicts. Skincare, mascaras, beauty bags, nail varnishes, eyeshadow palettes and so many other emojis I wish I could have but can't. Unfortunately for myself and all Android users out there, Birchbox chose the PopKey App (available only for iOS) to create all those emojis instead of another app accessible from both mobile operating systems. Such a shame, but then again they're supported only on Messenger, so I won't moan as much as I would have otherwise.

I don't even have the grounds for any complain whatsoever with the August Birchbox. Not only does it carry its usual lifestyle bonus, this month it comes with an extra beauty product too. I kid you not!

  • Rituals Ayurveda Body Scrub: The offender behind that strong smell in my box was no other than this scrub from Rituals. Fresh, flowery but with an underlying musk smell, it lasts and lasts and lasts on your skin. If you're not a fan of scented skincare then definitely avoid. Very lightly textured, it would suit any type of skin, plus its Multani Clay cleanses as well as exfoliates. My new shower BFF. Full size is 150ml, I received a luxe sample of 70ml.

  • Huygens Facial Exfoliating Cream: So we got our body exfoliated, now it's time for the face. This French brand named after the physician and astronomer Christian Huygens has made it across the Channel and is currently introducing us to their cosmetics range, packed with natural organic ingredients and fully customisable to each customer's choice of scent. Yeah, you read that right. The only one that has a set scent is this thick exfoliating cream with rice powder particles, sesame oil and green tea. It has a distinct citrus smell that I personally enjoy, but similarly to the Rituals scrub, if you're not into scented skincare then this is not for you. I received a sample of 10ml, full size is 50ml and retails for £17.90.

  • Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo: If you use lots of styling products on your hair like I do, then you understand the need of a clarifying shampoo in your life. Once a month give this a go and wham-bam, no more product build-up to make your strands look tired and dull. The Kebelo brand is new to me and the shampoo smells a bit like hairspray, but I'll be giving it a go soon and let you know of what I think. Full size is 250ml and the sample I received is 50ml, enough for 4-5 washes. 

  • Illamasqua Hydra Veil: Another brand I'm in love with their lipsticks (they go nowhere after application!) so if this little primer performs as well then I may be adding it in my beauty stash. Very thick clear gel with the slightest whiff of perfume, it got absorbed so fast I have to admit I'm impressed (and apparently severely dehydrated?), but also a bit slowed down by the price of the full size product. £32 for 30ml is a bit stiff, don't you think? The sample I got is 3ml, let's see if it can justify its money.

  • Lord & Berry Blush in "Lotus": You gotta love some Lord&Berry, especially the lipsticks they do. I was more than happy to receive this 2gr blush and give it a try, the colour payoff is great, it's highly pigmented, it's long-lasting even on my oily skin and one sweep on the cheeks seems more than enough. I think I may be looking for more colours very soon, both Peach and Rose Shimmer look more than promising! Full size is 10gr and retails for £18.

  • Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara: Now if you don't know Laura Mercier you're not a #BeautyJunkie or you've been living under a rock. Her primer is the stuff of dreams, mainly because it does what it promises AND has no silicone in it (me not liking silicone at all), so when I get the chance to play with more of her products I'm a happy puppy. Not the blackest of the black mascaras out there but this natural bristle brush can perform! Only thing I need to check now is the longevity, just give me a couple more days. My mini is 5,7gr and full size is 10gr, so extra content with that, considering the £19.50 pricetag.

The last thing that came in my August Birchbox besides the leaflet with the product descriptions is of course this month's lifestyle bonus, this time coming in the shape of stickers, same as all the custom emojis decorating the lid. I'm not a big fan on stickers so I'll probably be giving these away, but in total I'm very excited with the #BeautyJunkie box, couldn't have asked for more!

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