70's Fever

by - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I've always been fascinated by the 70's. Sexual liberation, amazing music, great fashion. I remember looking at my mother's photos sporting flared trousers, frilly tops and wedged sandals and being jealous that I wasn't born earlier to experience my teen years during that decade (because that would mean I would be an adult during the 80's, hell yeah!). It seems that I will have my own chance in sporting that fashion this year, since the boho hippie style is back for this autumn and hopefully here to stay!

What are the two trends the flower generation has given to us? Tassels and colourful patterns of course! And the list goes on, with bull's eye black and white designs, ponchos, massive scarves, fur, you name it. Patchwork is back too, so is tribal. Anything that screams bohemian is back on the table for this autumn. 

I know I will be trying to recreate the outfit on the top (after all I already got my hands on the shirt and the flared jeans), but before I go on a shopping spree I will leave you with some inspirational pictures from the catwalk, see if you get the same urge as myself and hit the street looking for the next poncho or fringed accessory to add to your collection.

Until next time,


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