Sun, Sand, Sea & a Beach Bag

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

It's official, July is here and holiday mode is ON! The mood changes and with it the playlist on my phone turns from metal to Buddha Bar (OK, it still has some amazing blues/rock/soul tunes in there!). Enjoying the sun with a cocktail or two is compulsory, getting a tan is a strong must. Bring me some BEACH PLEASE, my trusted compadre is already packed and ready to go!

Being on holidays is all about chilling, sleeping as long as you like, recharge your mental batteries, spend time with your family/friends/self and looking the best you can. At least that's what I do. Making sure I carry all the right stuff in my humongous beach bag for the time a friend drops the word is something I have perfected through the years - living in Greece does get you beach ready - so here I am sharing its beauty contents with you.

First and absolutely MOST important of them all is a good quality suncream with high enough SPF to protect my skin from burning. Clinique is definitely one of the brands I trust when it comes to sun care and this SPF 30 facial cream is the perfect size to carry in my bag. It lasts me up to two weeks of daily usage when I'm away on my summer holidays, smells beautifully and is not as sticky as most sun creams are (I can't have it all now, can I?). Never ever leaves my bag, it usually ends up covering both my needs and those of my boyfriend's. True classic.

Don't you think I forgot my body suncream, it just so happens I've run out of and need to get replacements. Somehow I always end up buying Piz Buin, definitely because of the coconut smell but lately also because of the new additions in the range. This summer I will be trying this Wet Skin Transparent SPF 30 Sun Spray out, sounds definitely interesting.

If you're wondering where's the rest of my covering up beauty products, then I'm sorry to disappoint you but I don't put a face on when I go to the beach. No, I prefer to go bare and allow my skin the sea and sun treatment. But! When I stay in the shade enjoying a cold Carib or an iced frappé I do like a slight flush of colour to my cheeks and lips, that's exactly when my Benefit Cha Cha Tint comes in the picture. You've heard it all before from a gazillion other beauty gurus/bloggers/make up enthusiasts and I'm no exception to them. 
I love how the stain remains on my cheeks for hours, no matter how much I sweat. 
I love how my oily skin allows it to blend perfectly without setting too fast (people with dry skin tend not to enjoy it as much I'm afraid). 
I love how I can look flushed and youthful in no time. 
And I love having the same beautiful peachy colour both on my lips and cheeks, it looks so easy-going and carefree. Oh, did I mention it perfectly fits my tanned skin and red hair too?

There's no day I go without mascara, no sir! The one thing I like to show off the most is my eyes, so mascara is my partner in crime throughout the year. Generally I go for normal formulation but when we're talking holidays by the sea there can only be one formula, a waterproof one. I picked this Volume glamour MAX Holidays one from Bourjois because I really liked its brush, plus I prefer volume over length as my eyelashes are naturally long. 

As much as I enjoy sunbathing, I know it accelerates the aging process of our skin (why do you think people in sunny southern countries tend to look older than their northern peers?) and one of the places that tends to show those first signs on a face is the lip area. I make it my job to protect my lips from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which is why I carry this Piz Buin lip balm with 30 SPF with me. Helps keep my lips hydrated and plump looking, win-win, right?

There one last thing I added to my beach bag last year, a certain CK One On the Go perfume I bought while flying on my way to Rome. Got it without a second thought and haven't looked back since, as CK One was the second ever perfume I wore as a teenager (the first one being Versace's Yellow Jeans) and still adore it to this day. Came in this perfect travel packaging but if you can't find it just go ahead and pick up the 50ml eau de toilette in its lovely frosted bottle. Thank me later for that. 

As for the boring part, I always make sure I carry deodorant spray with me along with some wipes (antiseptic ones, not makeup removing ones) to keep my hands as clean as possible. And a hair brush, because no matter how much I've tried I can't seem to master the art of a messy ponytail/bun. 

What are the beauty products you keep packed in your beach bag? Any suggestions you want to share? And most importantly, which sunny place of the world you're heading off to this summer?

Until next time,


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