My Little Box July 2015

by - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Is road-tripping only for the brave? Would you take the chance if it was available? I know for a fact backpacking is fun but absolutely not for me, yet if I had a car, money put on the side, time in my hands and some company (besides my dog, can't really have a conversation with Mocha while driving) then I would tour as many of the European capitals I could. For now though all I can do is dream and My Little Box is giving me a hand with this. Here's July's Road Trip edition box!

I feel like I'm repeating myself in every single My Little Box post I write but I'm being 100% honest with you people, this subscription box is my definite favourite. The combination of lifestyle and beauty is exactly what this blog is all about after all! 

Well, this box came at the perfect time. I won't be roadtripping but I will be going on a short trip to Northern Ireland at the end of the month and then back home to Greece for a couple of weeks in September to see the family, so when I saw this gorgeous travel organiser I was well chuffed! 

It came in its own quaint box, decorated with an imaginary map and the motto "Never Stop Exploring" (I'm not planning to just yet! *insert cheeky wink here*). The actual organiser is exactly what I was looking for my upcoming trips, with allocated space for plane tickets and/or money, cards, passport and a zip lock for all the extras you may need, like a pen/change/a map of the location. It has such a genuine, original feel to it that no other travel organiser I've seen has and I can tell you I've been looking for quite some time now, plus most of them have space just for tickets and passport, nothing more! Some people may think it's too big, some may say it's way too girly but I personally love it and even more I love the fact that it covers all of my needs in such a successful way. Yay for travel organisers!

Since this month is all about travelling, My Little Box collaborated with BiC pens and brought us a small notebook you can pop in your bag and take with you. There are some blank pages you can write all your memories and keep small notes, but there's also a twist. The notebook seals and turns into a postcard envelope! Now I'm not one to send postcards to friends and family, mainly because my holidays are spent with them, but if that's your thing then I bet you'll love this little one. As an added bonus it has one of Kanako's lovely illustrations at the front and came along with a BiC Cristal Stylus pen. I will keep mine in my bag and write memos for myself, but I have to admit I really like the idea of a notebook/postcard.

Finishing with the lifestyle items, the box came with a variety of temporary tattoos (I've moaned lots about them on my other subscription boxes, I will spare you in this post) and its standard postcard, one I intend to frame and put on the wall over my desk. It says:

"Life is like a road trip: enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage",

something I strongly believe myself. 

Onwards to the three beauty products, which this time came into a pink patterned pouch rather than the usual black one. Inside I found:

  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: You know you have a winner when you get a product you've heard so many people rave about. Garnier's Micellar water has been called Bioderma's affordable cousin, as it covers all skin types (yes, even sensitive ones), is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and can be used all over the face with no fear or irritation. I personally had a bad experience with another micellar water when I used it over my eyes, so I was more than happy to receive this bottle. Unfortunately although it's the travel size bottle, it's still over the 100ml hand luggage flying limit, so it will only accompany me when I visit the family later on. 125ml retail for £1.99.

  • Essie Nail Polish in "Haute in the Heat": Let's talk about the perfect deep fuchsia for your nails. Yeap, this one here is definitely THE ONE. I'm a sucker for bright colours on my nails during the summer, having a soft spot for orange reds and vibrant deep pinks, in this case with the added bonus we're talking of a nail polish legendary company such as Essie. What else could I ask for? (erm, maybe the orange and lime nail polishes included in the other boxes? Is that too much to ask?) Full size, retails for £7.99.

  • My Little Beauty Summer Sorbet - After Sun Body Gel: What is the most important thing to carry with you on your summer holidays if your skin tends to burn under the sun? Yes, high SPF suncream is the correct answer. Now what is the second one? I quote the product description card: After sun cream is to your skin what ice cream is to your tastebuds - vital! I can't agree more with both statements. As a person who does suffer from burns if I don't pay attention, I can tell you for a fact how important it is to have an after sun cream or gel with you. I prefer the gels because you can pop them in a fridge for a few minutes and enhance their cooling abilities. I adore the gels that will do the job and leave a summery, fruity scent on my skin after, exactly like this one from My Little Beauty. Will it be coming along to Greece with me? You betcha! Full size product, 100ml retail for £9.

This is surely one of those boxes worth praising every single month, because the way I see it I get to receive items that have some practical use in my everyday life along with beauty products I love so much. My only question here is: What to do with all those lovely boxes after? I've been trying to think of ideas to re-purpose them in some way or another because I love the illustrations so much, so please if you have any ideas leave them in the comment section down below, it will be much appreciated!

Until next time,


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