Birchbox July 2015

by - Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I shouldn't be giving it the usual "Birchbox -month- -year-" title this month. No, I should rename it to Birchbag instead. Yeah, you read that right, no actual box for July. In its place all subscribers we got to get a waterproof bag for our holidays, packed with lots of lovely goodies. You want to know the fun fact too? 

Well, July's Birchbags come in four different colours, each representing a holiday spot picked by the beauty editors of Sunday Times, Condé Nast Traveller, Grazia and of course Birchbox. There's coral for St. Tropez, blue for the island of Hydra in Greece, yellow for Somerset and fuchsia pink for Ibiza. And guess what, I ended up with a blue bag! The Greek got the Greek inspired bag, although I've never been to Hydra myself! *massive grin*

I'll skip the part where I went a bit like a five year old who asked and was given an ice-cream, excited and all, and go straight for those beauty products you're mainly here for (if you're here for me in general I'm sending you some virtual hugs right now).

  • UNANI Body Treatment Aloe Vera Gel: So you've spent a little bit too much time in the sun, to the point that your skin is now complaining about it? Or have you just shaven and you can feel that burning sensation because of the razor? Either way, this aloe vera gel is here to help your skin recover while nourishing it. It dissolves on the skin in seconds and sinks in straight away, leaving no scent behind. Don't be fooled by its waterlike texture, as the gel contains pure aloe vera extract that has exactly the same properties (I keep a plant myself, every now and then I use the extract from a stem or two as aftershave) and feels exactly the same on the skin. The sample size I received is 30ml but I can't find out the ml of a full size bottle (£15).

  • Indemne Eau de Génie: There are already too many steps in my everyday regime, so excuse me if I'll skip this one. A face spritzer to use after cleansing which you have to wipe off your face before you apply your makeup is not another thing I want to do, besides my time is limited. Leaves the faintest of citrus smells behind while claiming to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. I wouldn't know. Full size is 135ml and retails for £11.20, my sample is 10ml.

  • SOIGNÉ Nail Lacquer in "Fruit de la Passion": I absolutely adore Soigné lacquers, they're long lasting, don't fade and rarely chip. So what if I have way too many polishes? There's always room for another one, especially when it's a peachy pastel beaut like this one! Full size this one, it retails for £11.

  • Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen: Everyone I know and their grandmothers (alright, maybe not the nans, just the sisters) have been talking about Benefit's broad spectrum SPF Dream Screen. Before I even ramble about this, let me refresh your memory. I have incredibly oily skin. Now apply to that almost any facial sun cream and add lots of heat. You know what you get? A sticky film clinging like glue. It feels horrible and is the reason why I'm so picky with my facial sun protection. Now we come back to Dream Screen. I'll give you one word. Perfection. Why you ask? It's oil free, absorbs in NO time leaving skin looking silky matte and has SPF 45! Time to RSVP to that summer party, I got everything covered now! My sample is 6ml, full size is 45ml and retails for £25.

  • POP Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in "Peach Parfait": Gold and rose gold colours have been crowned the kings of the hill once more. Can't imagine warm summer nights without white clothes, cold cocktails, sandals and smokey golden eyes, which is exactly why I really like this nifty palette. Peachy golden tones, good pigmentation (although the darkest shade could do with a little bit more in my opinion), buttery texture and easy to blend, they definitely earned a place in my MUJI drawer, replacing one of my older trio palettes. Good job there POP Beauty, I applaud you! Full size has ten eyeshadows, retails for £15.50.

Of course this month was no different to the previous ones (except for the Birchbag, doh!), meaning there was a lifestyle bonus gift that is also exclusive to Birchbox. A lace headband in Aqua, straight from the brand Pura Vida. I'm no massive fan of headbands, mainly because they don't look good on me, but I bet most people will be really happy to receive it in their box. 

So, five beauty goodies, one lifestyle, a freaking awesome waterproof blue bag. Birchbox you simply outdid yourself! 

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