Beauty Haul #2, the Summer Edit - July

by - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I've been really naughty this month. Not only did I get quite a few things for myself (I couldn't help it, some of them were amazing bargains!) but it also took me longer than usual to post this haul in here. I hope my bank account forgives me for the first and you for the latter!

As you can see from the photos, I did quite the damage. Couldn't find anything in skincare that I really REALLY wanted and didn't have or couldn't justify the spend for it, but there were many make up products I couldn't stop myself from picking up. It was as if the beauty shelves were calling my name like the sirens they are, I only felt obliged to obey!

I divided this haul to blues/greens and neutrals, as they are the two main trends of this summer. 

Blue has always been a prominent colour in fashion and beauty each summer time. It reminds us of the sea and helps our minds travel even when we're stuck in the same old rut, work - home - work again. Blue to me is the spirit of my country incarnate. It's Greece's blue skies, it's the bluest of its seas, it's the stripes of its flag. Me being proud for my nationality, the blue (and slightly green) haul was only to be expected.

  • Sally Hansen Nail Polish in "Piqué Side": Sally may be calling this piqué, I call it peanuts and not in a bad way! One of the most beautiful light greens I've found, with a golden iridescence that catches the eye. Fell instantly in love! £6.99 from Boots.
  • Model Co Blue Eyeliner Pencil: Yeah, alright, this wasn't exactly part of the haul, I got it along with this month's Glamour magazine (I love me some Glamour!) and am happy I picked this one from the other gifts as my previous blue eyeliner broke (that's what happens with mechanical pencils sometimes).

  • NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner: Not much to say about this, I needed an emergency eyeliner to keep in my handbag, had never tried NYC before, so I thought I'd give it a try. After all it's only £2.99 in Superdrug!

  • Garnier Hydra Express 24H Hydrating Gel-Cream: I noticed a few days ago that my vanilla and chocolate body butters were smelling a bit iffy. I got rid of them and rushed to the shops to replace them with something more hydrating, as the skin on my legs tends to dry up a lot during the summer because of the continuous shaving. Thank goodness for Garnier and this gel-cream, it not only smells extremely FRESH (grapes, yummy!), it also kept my legs in great condition for hours. I got the 250ml bottle but there's also a 400ml one if you're interested!

Off with the blues, forward to the nudes! Aren't they the most favoured trend of this summer after all? Not surprising they all happen to be Rimmel products except the one.

  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Paint in "Mercury Silver" & "Peachy Apricot": This time last year I purchased another colour from this family of eyeshadow paints, Rich Russet. I took it with me back to Greece and it never made its way back to the UK, sister was too happy to get it off me. This year I was ready, got everything in doubles! I got them on offer both for £3, full price is £4.99 each.

  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick in "Gold Digger" & "Bluffing": Summertime I'm all about minimal. Minimal effort that is! I can't be bothered to be slathering makeup on my face for hours and hours on end, it's way too hot and when I'm away on holidays I have much better things to do. The eyeshadow sticks, much like the paints, are the easiest and fastest way to get some colour on your lids without having to invest time in application. I just use my fingers to blend and I'm ready to go! I particularly love "Gold Digger", the colour payoff is great and it makes such an impression! £4.49 each from Boots.

So this is it! July's coming to its end which will find me in Ireland, so I hope you get to have some rest and enjoy the sun somewhere soon, if not there's no reason to worry, August is just around the corner! 

Until next time,


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