Sunkiss Summer Gift Box by Bourjois

by - Sunday, June 14, 2015

There are some things in life I simply can't say no to, especially during summertime. A long day at the beach, a cool frappé, the smell of coconut-y suncream, the way the sun feels on my skin, a game of backgammon with my sis. All of these images and feelings are closely related to my country, Greece, where you get sunkissed almost all year round. Unfortunately I don't live in Greece anymore. I live in the UK but I don't fret, Bourjois has me covered on the Sunkiss-ed front! 

If you've read my Summer Edit Beauty Haul for this month then you already know I went a little bit crazy at the Bourjois counter, ended up leaving with three products (pressed powder, liquid lipstick and creamy eyeshadow) in my shopping bag. What I didn't mention is that along with my purchase came a free gift box of summer makeup essentials, all of them full sized and pretty much perfect for those warm (or hot, depending where you are) summer days!

What is that? You want one yourself you say? 
Just pop into Boots and spend over £15 on Bourjois cosmetics for your chance to claim one of those free gift boxes. The offer started the 10th of June and will be ending the 7th of July, so don't waste valuable time! The offer stands both in store and online.

In the Sunkiss Collection Gift Box you will find:

You were trying to get a naturally looking tanned skin and this massive bronzer is here to help you achieve that, as you can use it both on your face and body. Even better, it comes with its own kabuki brush, great to apply and ideal for travel. Win-win so far, yes? But we're not even finished. The perfect summer look requires warm tones in both cheeks and lips, which is exactly what this waterproof lip crayon is here to do, add some of that peachy colour back on your face. I can't object to any "fruits" on the beach, whether they're peaches, berries, plums and the like, they're all more than welcome! *insert massive grin here

So what are you waiting for? Head to your closest Boots ASAP, before the boxes are gone!

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