My Little Box June 2015

by - Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"One swallow does not make a summer, neither does a fine day"

It is known to the world; British summers are far from any notion of fine days, on the contrary they are the epitome of downpours. We poor sods who live here forget sometimes how summers are meant to be; warm, sunny days filled with mother Nature's scent, whether that's the smell of pine trees and grass or a soothing sea breeze. Fortunately My Little Box helps keep the summer imagery alive by taking us a stroll down the picturesque streets of the French Riviera

Last month we took a trip down to Provence and its purple covered fields of lavender and this time we're heading even further south, to those golden beaches of Cote d'Azur where My Little Box's "happy place" is according to the postcard included. I've never been there myself but it's easy to imagine them, with their quaint little alleys, colourful cafés and small antique shops where hidden treasures have been waiting for you to plunder, as most of the Mediterranean coastline cities have a lot of things in common (plus a quick surf on the net helped). And yes, I can definitely relate to a happy place painted in the colours of the sky and the sea, despite the fact I'm more the mountainous, tree topped, green coloured type of person (also green is my favourite colour, have I ever mentioned that?) 

Who ever said those two can't co-exist after all? My Little Box seems to disagree and it does so with a most clever way. It introduces us to two uniquely drawn planter pots, both created by the talented Kanako, sporting a nautical theme. The big one shows of a boat breaking the waves while travelling, when the small one is depicting a girl swimming in the sea. They're both quintessential plastic weave baskets, made with such detail and drawn with the azure colours in mind. I love them both, especially the bigger one which has already taken its victorious place on the coffee table in our living room. 

So we've covered the part of us mentally travelling to those places by the sea somewhere in the French Riviera by the help of the charming planter duo, but what else do we need to make that fictional trip feel real? And yes, tickets to Cannes or St. Tropéz would be amazing, but not everyone can afford that. It's the sun that's missing, right? The feel of its rays on our skin. And what do we need when bathed by them? I know, I'm getting tiresome with the questions (it's a game me and my mum used to play) but I believe it's a rhetorical one in this case. 

Sunglasses, to protect our eyes of course. My Little Box thought of that too and asked Sarah Lavoine, a well known Polish-French architect, decorator and interior designer to create a unique pair of sunglasses for the box's subscribers. They are well beaut if you ask me! Reminded me a bit of Elton John and John Lennon, they have a such distinct flare of the 60's-70's. Some may say they look a bit hipster as well, as if that is a bad thing. Nerdy is hip these days and I've been a nerd all my life, so bring it on, I know I can rock it! 
There is only one thing that disappointed me a bit and that's how light and "fake" they feel to the touch. I mean, you would expect any pair of sunglasses to have a certain weight on them, but hey, not these ones. Anyhow, they come with their own antistatic cloth and you can easily use the pouch the beauty products come in to keep them safely packed in your handbag.

Sarah Lavoine didn't stop her collaboration with My Little Box there though! Her creative juices have spilled over the beauty pouch too! One of the three usuals included in June's box was picked by her too! Wanna know what it is?

  • Loved by "Sarah Lavoine" Nail Polish: Yes, Sarah picked her favourite azure blue colour and the team over at Loved by made sure to lock it in a small bottle and share it with the rest of the world. It's a deep turquoise colour with a hint of green in it that I swear resembles the colour of the sea. I could easily say it's the ultimate summer colour. Retails for £6.5.

  • Kérastase Ciment Thermique, Blow-Dry Styling Cream for Damaged Hair: As much as I love the sun, I know that extended exposure to it dehydrates not only my skin but my hair as well, causing them to break and split ends to appear. What I do to show them the love they deserve is always use a heat protectant after I wash them, so this resurfacing strengthening milk by Kérastase is just perfect for the job! Plus it smells like mojitos! I'm in love. Full size is 150ml (£20.50), I received the 50ml travel size.

  • My Little Beauty Sea Salt Fresh Scrub: Oh yes, the last thing I need for a complete summer look is of course the tan, but how can you achieve the best fake tan without the best of scrubs to give you a hand? Nah, you can't. My Little Box is again here for the rescue with their own brand's body scrub that smells of the sea and feels like thin sand. Made of Guerande sea salt crystals and Ajonc water, it preps the skin and then, hello hello perfect summer tan! 75ml retail for £8.5.

Last month I had said that the Provence box was the best My Little Box I had received thus far. I now safely retract that statement. THIS is the best box in my possession. Not only because of the variety of items I received, both lifestyle and beauty, but also because I can actually use every single one of them. I'm ready to sail away now, want to join me?

Until next time, 


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