Beauty Haul #1, the Summer Edit - June

by - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I really can't help myself every time I visit the aisles of Boots. The impending birthday of a very close friend had me shuffling about in search of a present but let's be honest, I don't really need an excuse to spend a pound or two on beauty products. Creating a new line of posts though is as good an excuse as any, right? 

Four edits a year, three parts each season, one for every month. Let the Beauty Haul series kick off with 2015's Summer Edit for the month of June!

As you must have already noticed, there are no high end products in June's haul because I like giving high street brands a chance, plus this haul wasn't planned so I went all magpie while at the counters. Have to say, I don't understand why I hadn't purchased some of those products when they launched (maybe because they tend to sell out before I get a chance to visit the drugstore?) but they have certainly made an impact!

  • Soap and Glory Massage Glove: I admit it, I had no idea of the existence of this mitt until one of my favourite bloggers, Vivianna Does Makeup, professed to the world she uses this glove not to massage but to clean her make up brushes. Brilliant, eh? I've been on the lookout for something to improve the process of cleaning for some time now, so I knew I had to pick it up when I saw it hanging by itself in the Soap and Glory bath section. Hint, hint. This wasn't the only one of her suggestions I picked up that day.

  • L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow in "Over the Taupe": One of the things I kept in mind while shopping was my trip back home this September (for those of you unfamiliar with myself, I'm Greek and every year I tend to go back home for a week or two), while the weather is still summery and hot and a slight tan comes easily after a day or two in the sunshine. I have been craving for a wet look eyeshadow that gives glow without the glitter and that day L'Oreal helped me find it. Perfect golden undertones, buttery and oh so wet, I fell instantly in love. Of course it had to come back home with me.

  • Bourjois Paris Color Edition 24H in "Pétale de Glace": One nude wet eyeshadow is never enough though, is it? I could hardly keep my hands off this little baby here from Bourjois, which is equally buttery but has rose golden undertones instead and is a tad more subtle than its L'Oreal counterpart. This is the perfect match for my skintone now but I feel it may be somewhat too light after I get my summer tan on. Still perfect though. 

  • Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in "05 Olé Flamingo!": I'm turning into a little Bourjois convert, aren't I? But surely you'd understand why if you tried this liquid magic of a lipstick. It's not just its colour that caught my eye (it's hard to miss such a vibrant coral pink). The packaging is simple but carries a statement, that of solid, opaque matte finish that lasts long and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. And believe it, it delivers all of the above and then some. I can assure you more of them will be joining my collection soon. 

  • Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance Unifying Compact Powder: Thumbs up for the compact packaging, the finely milled powder and the quality mirror it has on the inside of the lid. Oh yes, and for the Asian fruit therapy formula - Sharon fruit for hydration and Yuzu fruit for anti-shine! I got the shade "52 Vanille"  ("51 Porcelain" was a very close second) as the shade is easier to work with or without a tan. On top of everything else? It actually smells faintly of fruits!

  • Botanics Facial Cleansing Brush: One of Boots home brands, this little Botanics facial brush was hanging beside the Soap and Glory glove in the Bath section. I must admit one of the reasons I picked it up was because it looked quaint, like something coming out of a Jane Eyre novel (yeah, my imagination runs wild most of the times). All random thoughts vanished when I touched the bristles of the brush, along with any doubts as to the "Why should I purchase this?" question. It may look coarse, but it is nothing like. Much softer than my current brush (and with the added bonus of a long handle), it fitted perfectly in my skincare routine. I simply had to have it.

  • Rimmel London Powder Blush in "101 Pink Sugar" and "111 Coral": I will never say no to a good bargain, especially when prices are knocked down because of old packaging. These two beauties were in a bargain basket and I was already disappointed I hadn't found the MaxFactor blush I was looking for. It was a spur of the moment buy and I haven't regretted it. Sure, they both have that chalky smell but the colour payoff is fine, considering I only paid £1 each. I prefer Coral a little bit more than Pink Sugar, but that's me and my obsession to warm, peachy tones.

If I had to pick a favourite from June's haul I would have to go with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick. Not only do I LOVE the colour, but being a person who suffers from allergies, I can't believe how long it stayed on my lips after all the times I sneezed and had to wipe my nose! I can't recommend it more!

Alright, first part of Beauty Haul's Summer Edit series just came to its end, I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

Until next time, 


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