My Little Box May 2015

by - Sunday, May 24, 2015

What do you know about the region of Provence in the south east of France? Nothing I hear you say? Well, My Little Box decided to change that by infusing some of Provence's beauty into this beautiful May box. So, are you ready for an adventure?

First things first, all I personally knew about Provence were related to Vincent Van Gogh, who lived in that area for a little less than two years of his life and produced some of his most famous paintings there, among them my all time favourite of his, Cafe Terrace at Night. I knew about the famous fields of lavender and sunflowers, which I aspire to see with my own eyes one day. I knew about the Provencal rosé wines (absolutely love them), but why is Provence a place to showcase on a beauty/lifestyle subscription box? Well, the amazing skincare brand L'Occitane of course!

But let's take this from the start.

I believe this month's box is definitely one of the most beautiful ones. Not only Kanako's illustration of a girl in a summery ensemble holding a crate of peaches(?), but the dark blue flowery framework around it gives such a vintage feel to it.

Upon opening the box I found myself looking at another card/piece of art, welcoming back the "one card each month" concept. I hope they stick to it this time around. 

Right underneath the card I found something that traveled me back to my childhood, fridge magnets the shape of a woman with lots of different pieces of clothing and accessories for me to create her outfit. Really cute thing to include in the box, but of no actual use (unless you have young daughters or you're in love with magnets). 

Similarly to every month, there was a My Little World magazine in the box but not your ordinary issue. This one actually opens up to a massive poster relevant to the box's theme, which I find absolutely gorgeous (doesn't match with my room to put it up unfortunately). Kanako's illustration is beyond lovely, don't you agree?

I have to ask you now, do you have a knack for DIY projects? If you answered yes, then I guess you'll be thrilled with the next item that was packed inside My Little Provence Box. And if you said no but you're attracted to "bling" like magpies to shiny things, then again you're in for a treat!

Packed inside an equally beautiful box labelled 

"Sunny Things Inside

came a golden wrist bangle and two spools of thread, one a dark nautical blue and the other a bright turquoise. What are you meant to do I hear you ask. Well, let's break the embroidery kit out because you'll need a needle and loads of imagination! 

There are three different patterns explained in the magazine (simple cross-stitching, tight cross-stitching and horizontal stitching) and many more online, plus no one forces you to use just them two threads. Pick more or less, blue, turquoise, white, red, green, whatever you fancy really and make yourself a unique stitched golden cuff to sport this summer! I've already picked the colours for mine, the dark blue included in the box along with white and red, French flag inspired, although I can't decide on a pattern as of yet. For those of you not artsy or crafty enough, you can still sport the bangle as it is, after all who doesn't like a bit of jewelry, yes?

Lifestyle items aside, let's get to the beauty part now!

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of L'Occitane products. Organic, made with respect to the environment, they provide us only the best in skincare since 1976. The little collection of minis that came with My Little Box is a perfect sample of some of the most iconic of their products.

  • L'Occitane Mer & Mistral Fresh Shower Gel: There are some lucky of you out there who have already been to a holiday destination for this summer but most of us are still stuck back in our bases daydreaming of the perfect combo - sun and sea. Best way to lift the morale comes inside this little bottle that dares to bring the sea breeze right to your bathroom door! With rosemary, sunflower, castor and cypress oils, it moisturises your skin and feeds your imagination. Sample was 50ml, full size is 175ml and retails for £12.

  • L'Occitane Verbena Leaf Soap: So you've finished taking care of your body, but what about your face? Don't you think it's a good idea to cleanse it too? And maybe exfoliate in the process? Yes, you got it right, this amazing soap that smells of citrus can do all that and more. Plus look how cute it is, resembling a verbena leaf and just feel how soft your skin is after! My 25gr sample will last me quite some time but you should probably get your hands on the 75gr full size, after all it's only £4,50!

  • L'Occitane Verbena Body Lotion: If I could somehow magically balance the extremely oily skin I have on my face and scalp with the extremely dry skin on my legs then I would, but for now I'll leave my limps to the care of nourishing body lotions like this one here. The organic verbena extract and the grapeseed oil it contains are perfect to fight and win against anyone's scaly parts, plus the lotion is fast absorbent and non-sticky or greasy afterwards. 250ml of magic I tell you, only for £20 (my sample was 30ml).

  • L'Occitane Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream: The most iconic product category of the brand, L'Occitane hand creams are famous all over the world. It was one of them that introduced me to the brand and I've never looked back since. Lather it up on your hands and enjoy the sweet aroma of roses and the softness thereafter, my Queen! Full size product is 75ml and retails for £14, my sample was 10ml, perfect to carry in my handbag.

  • My Little Beauty The Amazing Eyeshadow Crayon: It certainly is amazing. It's also bronze and really creamy. It blends so easy. It applies even easier. On top of everything else, it's a twist pencil, so no worries about a sharpener. It's My Little Beauty's contribution to this month's box and it is so coming with me when I go away on holidays! Full size item, costs £9.

You know what? I think this box was the BEST one of My Little Box so far! I'm over the moon, in love and I can't wait for next month's! Imagine, with so many amazing French beauty brands, it would be superb if we were to see more boxes like this one! 

Until next time,


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