Glossybox May 2015

by - Sunday, May 17, 2015

The last month of spring found me in a very painful state, undergoing an emergency wisdom tooth extraction that turned into an infection (I won't go into details, the whole thing was just horrendous) and an incredibly loaded work schedule, leaving me next to no time for beauty and blogging. But "Summer's Calling" (Glossybox made sure to remind me!) and with it the sweet expectation of my holidays. It's time to book those tickets and get ready for it!

Glossybox received no special makeover for May's box, remaining the good old matte pink box with the black lining. Unfortunately there was nothing special about the products inside either, besides the one exception. Let me explain myself.

  • MeMeMe Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand: There is nothing I find harder to use than a chunky pencil eyeliner. It's almost impossible to draw a thin line with them, which is my personal favourite (with a flick at the end most of the times), so receiving a dual ended one was a slight disappointment. Plus their choices on blue tones wasn't the best either, with a dark glittery blue on one end and a turquoise metallic green blue on the other. I'm simply not convinced. Full size product, retails for £6.95.

  • Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam: I'm really skeptical about this product. How can anyone even compare proper shampooing your hair to any other way, be that a dry shampoo spray or a towel off shampoo foam? I'm just not sold. In all honesty, the foam smells of green apple which I absolutely adore, but I don't see any other use of this product besides camping somewhere with no running water available/attending a festival and not wanting to use the facilities/ going through a horrible drought period and trying to save up all the water you can. Travel size mini of 70ml, full size of 180ml costs £7.95.

  • Etre Belle Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel: Now here's something I consider a must for every woman's (and man's in this case) cosmetic case during the hot summer months. A moisturizer that hydrates deep below the surface of the skin, perfect as an after-sun for all those people suffering from burns. I know I'm one of them, I usually turn beet red during summer, so I was really happy to see this in my Glossybox this month. Its aloe vera leaves a hint of smell but nothing too offensive, plus the gel absorbs super fast. I can already tell you it's coming with me to Greece later this year. Another full size product, 40ml retail for £15.93.

  • SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate: Having little time to visit a salon for a wax, I turn to the oldest and worse choice available, shaving, hence why I suffer from ingrown hairs (thankfully not to a massive extent) but maybe this SASS concentrate can be a life changer? It promises to soothe the skin and reduce hair growth while gently exfoliating the skin, preventing ingrowns. Light gel texture that's easily absorbable, with salicylic acid and fruit enzymes that leave a faint hint of cucumber smell, I will add it to my after shaving routine and let you know of my thoughts afterwards. There is one thing I would have done in a different, more environmentally conscious way. Keep the pump, lose all the extra cardboard packaging, but do keep the inspirational "Be you. And be you loud, and be you strong, and be you to the maximum" quote somewhere on the bottle. The sample I got is 30ml, full size is 100ml and retails for £12.

  • Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer: Keeping the best for last, I was excited to see this as part of my Glossybox this month. I'm following a lot of bloggers who swear by it, giving it all the praise and then some, so if it does even half of the things they say then I'll gladly splurge on it and kiss my fine lines and discolouration goodbye. I mean, what's £35.50 for a jar of 60ml if the expression lines next to my eyes and on my forehead become smoother and hardly noticeable? Good thing my sample is 7ml, which is more or less 2-3 applications, so enough to give me time form an opinion. 

I usually try not to mention the Sneak Peek we get for next month and spoil all the fun, but in this case I will. I know Glossybox has a lot of subscribers within the age bracket of 16-25, but why would they choose to add temporary wrist tattoos in a box is beyond me. I know it's festival season coming up, but if you want to add a lifestyle extra then why don't you add a flowery hair clip/band or something more befitting to a wider age range? Anyhow, end of rant, hope you all enjoyed this post!

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