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by - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May is a month of Star Wars. I bet the non geek beauty lovers have no idea what I'm talking about (May the 4th be with you and the Revenge of the 6th), so I'll drop it and move straight to the point. May is also a month of colours, when mother Nature is fully awake and is decorating her dress with the most beautiful flowers. Well, I don't have a spare dress to use as a means to express my creativity, but Birchbox took care of that! Just take a look at this month's "Free Your Mind" box!

I don't know if you enjoyed colouring books as a kid, but I personally loathed them. Don't get me wrong, I loved the idea behind them but I hated my drawing skills not being up to par with those pictures. They were the reason why I pushed myself to learn how to draw and not just colour within the lines, along with my mum's numerous tries to show me how to when her own skills were limited to stick figures. I wanted more than just that (always the over-achiever).

Well, this month's Free Your Mind Birchbox is trying to share its creative urges with its subscribers, sending us a box where its lid is a pattern ready to be coloured by each and every one in their own unique way! Of course, not expecting everyone to have colouring bits and bobs handy, they were kind enough to provide six pencils as well. I haven't had time to finish colouring mine at the time I was writing this post, so excuse the half coloured lid. I had time to put my name on it though.

Of course Birchbox is all about beauty and who said you can't create some stunning pieces of art by using beauty products? After all the human body is its own canvas, right? 

  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser in "Light": If you've read this blog before then you already know how much I love Caudalie. Their products are lightweight and oil free, the perfect match for my oily skin complexion. So far I had only tried their skincare range, but I guess it was a matter of time for me to venture further within the brand and this sample was the perfect excuse for it! Still classifies as skincare but with a tint of colour, just enough to provide a light cover and simultaneously brighten the skin, it matches my skin colour almost perfectly and leaves such a lovely feeling to the skin. I received a 15ml sample, full size product is 40ml and retails for £27.

  • Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo in "Martinique": I'm torn between opinions here. I've previously sampled the Jelly Pong Pong cream highlighter and although I loved the finished result, my oily complexion hated it. In fact, it had zero longevity on me so I gave it away to a friend and her comments were the exact opposite, as it was perfect for her dry skin. Now history repeats itself with this bronzer duo. Easy to apply, having ingredients such as argan oil and mango butter, it felt great to my skin, BUT! It barely lasted on me, as my natural oils washed it all out in less than three hours. I bet it will suit my friend's needs again, so if you're on the market for a bronzer/blush duo and you have dry skin, this may be perfect for you. A 3gr full size product retailing for £15.95.

  • WAH London Nail Polish in "Late Nights": Being a nail polish addict with over 50 varnishes in my current stash means adding one more to the collection is always more than welcome. A metallic taupe with purple undertones that dries matte, Late Nights is also my very first WAH London polish and I have to say I wasn't really impressed with the formula. The "Pick Your Sample" for month May, I was late in choosing mine unfortunately (I would have preferred the nail art pen) but in any case I would have been happier even if I had received a different, more vibrant colour. Full size product of course, retails for £9.

  • PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray: I am in love. No seriously, there are so many reasons I fell in love with this product. First and most important of all (it may sound silly to you but it matters a lot to me), its smell! A combination of sea air, peaches and freshly cut grass, this PARLOR spray is the embodiment of summer in a bottle! Needless to say I had moments of pausing during the day to take a sniff of my hair! Now to top that up, it contains sweet almond oil and vitamin-rich algae, which not only add texture but also help moisturise your scalp. I've tried other texture sprays before and they were either sticky or heavy for my hair, but with this one magic happened. And there's more! Sulphate - Paraben - Gluten - Cruelty Free and safe for colour treated hair, it may not suit everyone's budget, but I do believe it's something worth splurging once every now and then. A Birchbox exclusive, its full size (147ml) costs £17 so very happy with the 30ml sample I got.

  • Absolution Youth Activator Mask: There are very few occasions my skin gets so dehydrated I need an intense hydration mask, but I feel I wouldn't have used this mask even if I was going through one right now. I'm more than happy to help certified organic products gain popularity but my prone to hayfever, hyper sensitive nose doesn't like the smell of this Absolution mask AT ALL, no matter how much my skin needs some of that lovely vitamin U the shoot extract contains. It reminded me a lot of Bodyshop's Hemp hand cream potent smell, which is unbearable to some, so keep in mind before you purchase. My sample was 15ml, you can find the full 50ml size for £29.

  • No. 4 Lumiere d' Hiver Reconstructing Masque: I suspect "the light of winter" No.4 named their product is referring to the way light reflects on snow, giving everything a glistening glow, right? A moisturising hair mask that includes soy proteins, shea butter, sunflower and jojoba seed oils which promises to transform hair from dull to luscious, from lacklustre to stunning. Now because this sample is an extra beauty bonus for this month, it only came in a small sachet of 7.5ml, not enough for one proper use (I have too much hair). I'm not ungrateful but I wish they had sent either a small tube or another sachet, as one application is not enough to establish an opinion. No matter. Full size is 150ml and retails for £36 (a bit stiff, don't you think?).

Before I sum this post up, let me remind you again of the opportunity to subscribe to Birchbox using my referral link (click here). It will take you to their site and upon the verification of your subscription you will receive 50 points to spend in their shop (50 points = £5). It will grant me 50 points too for introducing you to their amazing beauty box, so it's a win-win situation for us both!

All in all, I'm very pleased with this month's box. I got to receive three excellent products, got introduced to new brands I never heard of and had some relaxing time colouring. I can only hope the quality remains the same for June's box.

Hope you all enjoyed.
Until next time, 


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