Coco & Arthur, a Movie and a Lipstick

by - Thursday, April 02, 2015

Her name was Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and she was meant to change the world of fashion. His name was Arthur "Boy" Capel and he was meant to change her life.

I've always believed fashion is what you make of it, whether that's following the trends or paving your own unconventional path. My personal style through the years has been a reflection of who I am, rather unconventional at times, widely misunderstood early on and surprisingly feminine the last few. There is one thing I've always opted for though, no matter the period of my life. Comfort

Coco believed in comfort as well. She also believed that any woman could achieve elegance without having to be restricted in a corset, which is why she preferred to dress in an androgynous way. People within her social circle were finding it hard to understand her. Except one. 


The "Boy".
The love of her life.
The brighter red of the re-invented, reformulated Coco Rouge lipsticks. 

A week ago, during a girls day out, me and a friend paid a visit to our local Boots store when we stopped by the Chanel counter, mesmerized by the colourful array of lipsticks. Typical me, I started fishing out the statement reds, swatching them on my hand trying to pick the one I liked the most. Until Arthur, number 440. A bright orange red, fiery and inviting. It was love at first sight. I had read in a magazine that all the shades were named after the people Coco loved and now, similarly to her, I had fallen for Arthur myself.

Returning home that day I wanted to know more about them two, as at the time I was ignorant of Arthur's true identity. Searching the web resulted in finding "Coco before CHANEL", a movie about Coco's life before fame and fortune. Starring Audrey Tautou as Coco, the movie was filmed in French (as it should) and follows her steps through her early life in the orphanage, her singing ambitions, how she met Etienne Balsan, made her way through high society and fell in love with Arthur Capel. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film and by its end I knew, I knew I had to have him. 

I won't share any more because I hate spoilers. I will just insist you watch it. Of course, by the time you read these lines he will be coming back home with me. It simply must be done!

Until next time, 


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