Birchbox April 2015

by - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's really funny how some things happening in the world completely miss me until something unexpected brings them to my attention. There's a royal fever going about, with people speculating as to the gender of William and Kate's second child, since the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth end of the month. That same fever spread over Birchbox, with a "Royally Good" box that comes in two colours, baby blue and baby pink!

What might it be like to be queen for a day? Well, team Birchbox wants us to have an imaginary experience by putting together a ROYALLY good combination of products and on top of that a competition, based on the colour of the box we received and the gender of royal baby #2. I received the baby pink Slimbox version, which means if the baby due is a girl then I'll be given the chance to win a bumper beauty bundle worth up to £500. Fantastic, right?

Let's get down to the business at hand now and go through each of the products. 

  • Laura Mercier Longwear Eye Pencil in "Violet": Similarly to March, this month we were given the choice to pick between three Laura Mercier products, a mascara, an eye pencil and the worldwide famous foundation primer. I already own a primer, so I opted for the eye pencil, mainly because I didn't have anything similar colourwise. I swatched it the minute I opened my box, loved the colour pay off and the softness of it but most important of all, it set within a few seconds and I had to physically rub it off my skin. Now I'm thinking I'll have to buy more of these, definitely one in black and one in blue. Full size is 1,2gr and retails for £18, which makes me more than happy to see my sample is 0,8gr!

  • Lola Barcelona Nail Polish in "Gracia": Super glossy, long lasting, formulated with diamond dust for extra strength and a hot fuchsia pink colour to die for, the polish was created exclusively for Birchbox and has added the necessary spring WOW factor to the whole box. I will be rocking it shortly methinks! The only full size product of the bunch, it retails for £7,50.

  • Percy & Reed London Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil: This must be the longer name for a hair beauty product EVER! I have been using a volumising oil from another brand and have been quite content with the results I see on my hair but I won't say no to a little bit of variety in that department. The oil has quite the intense citrus smell and gets absorbed fast, offering great moisturisation and no greasiness at all! The sample in my Birchbox was 30ml, normal size is 60ml and costs £14.

  • Liz Earle Beauty Co Cleanse & Polish + Muslin Cloth: I seriously have nothing to say about this product, only that it's my favourite of the box, I already own two full size bottles of it and I was so happy to receive a 30ml sample along with a muslin cloth because now I won't have to carry the full size one when I travel! For all of you out there who have never used this particular cleanser/makeup remover, I couldn't recommend it enough! Full size is 100ml and retails for £14.

  • Pommade Divine Nature's Remedy Balm: Can I just say that this product confuses me? I appreciate the fact it's multi-purpose and 97% natural but really, do you think it can actually repair ANY troublesome area of the body? My two pence over this, I don't think so. I will possibly keep it in my handbag and use it when my cuticles get really dry or when the skin around my nose is irritated, but can't say I see myself purchasing the full size item (cost £19.80 for 50ml).

The goodness continued with a beauty bonus extra, one I'm not too keen to use but still content it was included in my Birchbox.

  • Imedeen Derma One: Picked as a favourite one from the team over at Bazaar Magazine, these food supplement pills are meant to tackle the signs of ageing from the inside out, with its vitamin C, zinc and skin-nutrient proteins all present. My only reserve to this is I'm one of those people who hate taking pills for no apparent reason, which also means I won't be giving them a try. 60 tablets retail for £37,99, I received half that amount, so quite the generous sample.

And that's all! Quite the impressive box this month, don't you think? Stay tuned for the rest of them, because they're all unique in their own way!

Until next time, 


PS. You can already tell I'm loving our garden.

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