My Little Box March 2015

by - Friday, March 20, 2015

WHAM, BANG, SHAZAM and then some KAPOW

Yes, I probably have a loose screw or two (OK, OK, I have more!) but no, I haven't lost my mind yet. I'm only trying to imitate all those familiar sounds you would find in the pages of comic books, particularly the ones with superheroes in them. You're right to wonder why, but what else would you expect from My Little Superbox?

How stupidly happy can I be with this box and why shouldn't I, when the geeky part of me is actually quoting X-Men in my head right now? A box themed after female Superheroes is the epitome of awesomeness in my books! 

Very first thing I noticed on this month's outer box was the title next to my name. I am Terrific Theodora, which to some may seem like a cheap marketing trick but it brought a smile to my face after a very long and exhausting day. It was very welcome indeed!

Opening the box I was greeted by The SuperStickers! Beautifully illustrated by Kanako, they follow the superhero theme with slogans such as "Be your own HERO" and "You're not born Wonder Woman, you become IT". I was never a sticker enthusiast before, but this box is literally turning me into one. Have I mention I've kept all the outer box stickers from all previous months and have been using them to decorate my desk drawers? Well I have and this month's was another amazing one, as it advises to "Make Yourself EPIC". 

I won't tire you with the contents of "My Little World", the monthly magazine we get, but I have to share the note from Laurence Guilloud, the editor-in-chief.

"Who runs the world? Girls" LOUDER, please! We wanna hear you. GIRLS!
This month, bad faith is the queen. So much for gender equality, it can wait until later. For now, let's declare that girls ARE the best. No argument. Even more so when they have superpowers. Need examples? Hopping several feet above the ground in 5-inch heels like Cat Woman or changing clothes with no hands in a single second, like Wonder Woman. With these words, we have to go. There's a whole world out there to save.

Now tell me you didn't smile when reading it. *wink*

Some of you may have noticed by now that I haven't mentioned anything about the monthly postcard so far. That's because there wasn't any, or better, it was swapped with a massive sticker that says in bold letters "Every girl is a SUPER HERO". It also was used to keep the T-shirt neatly wrapped and in place. Oh yes baby, there is a one-size-fits-all grey T-shirt in there and it says "I believe I can fly" on the front (please tell me I'm not the only one singing R. Kelly right now!), made by the French brand Gat Rimon. I can already see the outfit forming, a pair of ripped jeans, a black blazer, a chunky statement necklace, red heeled peep-toes and a bold red lip. I can't wait!

Last but not least is the cosmetics pouch, packed with three products as always, one from My Little Beauty's range.

  • Kerastage Cristaliste Lait Cristal Luminous Perfecting Conditioner: Superheroes don't have bad hair days apparently, but if you do then this lightweight conditioner will help your hair look luminous, soft and supple. It has a light peachy scent I really enjoy, plus we're talking luxe sample here, as the one I got is 75ml compared to the 200ml full size product which costs £18,50.

  • Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream: This could not have come in a better time, as I was on the lookout for an anti-ageing night cream just this past weekend! Its promise? To combat signs of fatigue and ageing while I'm resting. Sold! I can now hope on a radiant "awakening"! Full size product, retails for £12.99.

  • My Little Beauty  Lips & Cheeks Pencil: I have a confession to make. I may not be a fan of the brand's skin care products so far, but their make-up range never ceases to surprise me. I was previously in love with their mascara and now I get this beautiful pencil that doubles as lipstick and blusher in my favourite peach shade! La vie est belle mes amis! Unfortunately we currently don't have access to the brand's online shop, but when we do so soon you can get your hands on it, after all it's only £1o,50!

How many times have I said it so far? My Little Box is my FAVOURITE subscription box of them all! Perfect balance between beauty and lifestyle, plus wonderful illustrations, it ticks all of my boxes. What about yours?

Until next time, 


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