Finding the right Balance (Me)!

by - Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Being in the UK for just over two years now, I've been introduced to a lot of cosmetic brands I knew nothing of when I was living in Greece. Some brands I liked, some I didn't and some I adored. Balance Me definitely falls into the last category!

I have to admit, my first introduction to the brand was through a sample given by a magazine. I tend to have doubts regarding the quality of the products or the brand when they're being advertised that way, but I'm always happy to give them a try. You never know after all! 

Before I start talking about the items I currently own, let me tell you a few things about Balance Me

The concept started forming when two sisters, Clare and Rebecca Hopkins, started making products in their kitchen. They got approached by Topshop, leading to a 'pop up shop', then in less than a year they were noticed by British Vogue and a highstreet retailer, which resulted in them selling their products throughout the UK in no time and having a distributor in Denmark. That's when Sian Jones joined and the whole company has skyrocketed ever since. Ten years in the market now and with a big range of products, they have received many accolades and have become a household name.

The first product I ever tried was the Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm, which is mainly targeting normal to dry skin types. I'm combination to extremely oily, depending on the weather conditions, but was still very intrigued by the product, plus I had nothing to lose, it was a free sample! What I've noticed besides the wonderful scent was it helped balancing my natural oils! Not only in name but also in action, the Balance Me cleansing balm was actually working! 

I felt compelled to do some research and read more reviews, not only on that one product but in general. A ginormous 95% of the reviews I found were praises to the company and they weren't been written by affiliates. I was now proper curious to try more. That's when I bought the Pure Skin Face Wash.

Coming from the same range as the face balm, the daily essentials, this face wash was made for my skin type. Not only helping with the balance of natural oils, it actively prevented breakouts from happening while cleaned my face deeply, removing everyday dirt and makeup. You want more pros? It comes in three sizes, 15, 50 & 125ml, with the last two travel friendly, especially if you're flying.

I've spoken before for my love over Wonder Eye Cream on another post, of its cooling texture which helps soothe the skin, depuffs my eye bags and adds radiance to my skin. Didn't take long to convert from my old one to this. This one comes in two sizes (7 & 15ml) and a little goes a very long way. My 7ml lasted me three whole months, so do the math! 

Last but not least on the list of the products I own is the Super Moisturising Body Wash. Where do I even start? The skin on my body has a very odd behaviour. My back and calves are always super dry but the rest of my body is normal, yet relatively sensitive. Since I can remember I had problems with dryness on both my shins, to the point of skin flaking. It wasn't looking good. I had been moisturising after my shower/bath but it wasn't enough, then I stumbled onto this and decided to give it a try. The body wash doesn't bubble up as much as most other washes out in the market do but is thousands of times more nourishing because of its main ingredient, shea butter. My calves stopped flaking, my back feels better and I don't have to worry about irritations. I'm fully converted now. 

There are a few other products I want to get my hands on, like the Facial Expression Filler, the Anti-Aging Face Serum and the Super Toning Body Cream and Body Oil. All of them are meant to target different problems and I'm exactly at that age when you fight the signs of aging with everything you've got, so I would love to put them to the test and see if indeed they do what they promise to. 

And just to clarify, I'm no affiliate of Balance Me, I wasn't send these products here to review or am paid to help advertise the brand. I wrote this post because I personally like the company and fully support their natural ingredients policy, plus I wanted to share this with you lot. Do let me know what you think of the brand/products, whether you have some in your stash and you want to share or because this post made you want to buy one or two. Or even a whole range!

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