Fashion to Go - The City Break Edition

by - Monday, March 09, 2015

Just before I start blabbering, let me tell you that "Fashion to Go" is the first in a new style of fashion posts, where I'll be sharing with you what I chose to wear on many different occasions, from short trips to seasonal holidays, date nights, special days and formal events. It will follow the OOTD type of post you're already familiar with, but won't be restricted to just one day. Also it will be accompanied most of the times by its sister, the "Beauty to Go" post. Now, shall we begin with the City Break Edition?

There was a time when even for a small trip I would pack a big suitcase and practically carry half my wardrobe with me, but those days are a thing of the past. After my three weeks summer trip last year, where I managed to pack only hand luggage, I can now safely travel anywhere without being afraid of overpacking. And since by the time you read this post I'll be off to Liverpool and back, I thought I could share the contents of my suitcase with you.

A typical city break for me lasts no more than three days and is always chockablock with visits to museums, attractions, restaurants and when time and finances permit, shopping. That can only mean easy to wear outfits, comfy shoes and long lasting make up!

Now I don't know about you, but I practically live and breathe in jeans, so the two outfits I got with me were styled around them. Since it's very early spring and the weather in the UK is still relatively cold, I opted for bright spring colours but more than one layers of clothes.

A daffodil yellow fine-knit jumper over a black and white patterned shirt and my skinny regular denim blues were my choice for my first day away,  all from H&Mperfect to keep me warm and in a great mood! The outfit was complete with my black knee high boots from New Look and a black coat I bought from the Greek brand Helmi a few years ago.

Second day the temperature was expected to be higher and the day sunny, so I picked something lighter yet similar. A tartan plaid purple, blue and yellow blouse shirt from H&M over a plain white T-shirt and a purple pasmina were all I needed to hit the road, styled with the same jeans, boots and coat.

Like every other woman, I also provisionally packed a "Night out for Drinks" outfit, a lovely dark blue patterned dress with long sleeves and a discreet opening on the back, again from H&M

Of course I'll always pack one additional top with me, preferably something neutral or black, just in case of a food or drink accident (or even bird, that has happened too), but all in all, that's what I carried with me on my first 2015 city break. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to stay tuned for its sister, "Beauty to Go"!

Until next time,


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