Birchbox March 2015

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is it just me or did Birchbox get delivered to your door earlier than every single previous month? I personally love it that I got March's box during its first week rather than after the 15th. The theme couldn't be more fitting, as they've collaborated with Habitat to help us spring clean our beauty storage, which is something I was planning on doing anyway, along with the rest of the house! Their advice this month?

DO try this at HOME!

Let's start with first impressions. Not only did I get the box earlier, but this time I got the slim box, which indeed fit through my letterbox and in consequence I didn't have to knock my neighbour's door asking for my delivery. I'm already a fan of the slimbox, can't see myself reverting to the old one any time soon!

Similar to every other collaboration done in the past, March's Birchbox is uniquely designed to embrace Habitat and what it stands for. Colourful lines decorate the lid and the cards that come with it resemble a paint colour chart, with Box-it-Up Blue, Fabulous Fuchsia, Warm Saffron, Acid Yellow and Go Green and their shades to sample from. There is also a 20% discount voucher for Habitat's Spring-Summer 2015 Collection included, in case you're interested in shopping a bit of homewear. I'm currently good on that department, but do come find me down the beauty isles when you're done. Oh, you're coming with me? Well, alrighty then!

There are five beauty and two lifestyle products in this month's Birchbox, but unfortunately nothing's full size. I'll start with the one I knew I was getting, since I was asked to pick my sample. 

  • Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara: I know a lot of people went for the Roller Lash option when it comes to Benefit's mascaras, as it is the newest addition to their range, but I opted for BADgal, I think mainly to be sure I will receive the sample I chose rather than a substitution. Now, do I think this is one amazing mascara? It certainly is good, but it's not as long lasting as I would liked it to be. Is the wand brush the best I've used so far? Hell yes! No clumps, no residue left and my lashes looked perfect with just one coat. I'm well impressed, I may even buy the bloody thing! Full size is 8,5gr and retails for £17,50, the sample I received is 4gr.

  • Catherine Malandrino "Style de Paris" fragrance: It's never easy to describe a perfume to you, but this one from Catherine Malandrino has captured the essence of spring in it. Notes of Italian mandarin, ruby red grapefruit and Nashi pear get blended together to deliver a fresh, fruity and very feminine scent. Secondary notes are more musky and leave a lingering floral smell. It will be love at first whiff if romantic scents are your thing, but unfortunately it doesn't do the trick for me, as my higher than normal skin pH tends to eliminate floral scents in less than a couple of hours. There are two bottles you can go after, the 30ml one sells for £50 and the 50ml cost £60.

  • Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream: As the product targets medium and coarse, curly, frizzy hair textures and I have none of these, you can understand my disappointment when I saw this in my box. Philip Kingsley products are also becoming very familiar with Birchbox, which is not bad but I would like to see more hair care brands from that massive beauty world out there. I won't even bother using this product, it's going straight to a friend I know will appreciate it more than myself. I got my 20ml sample for free but the full size 100ml product is retailing for £19.

  • TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil: So, I haven't tried any self tanning products for the last decade, mainly because I was living in Greece where you get a natural tan throughout the year. Since I moved to the UK I'm turning into that pasty white colour I so loathe, but now that I've received this sample I may try and put an end to my death pale legs. 25ml may not sound that much when we're talking about self tanning products, but considering it's a dry oil which just about adds a natural-looking glow to the skin, I think I'll be OK. Full size is 100ml and retails for £24,99.

  • Janjira Pomegranate & Acai Facial Scrub Cleanser: I had never heard of the brand Janjira before this sample and to be honest, I haven't yet used the sample, but I can tell you I really like the way it smells. It contains fruit extracts and vitamin E, which help brighten the complexion while it cleanses the skin, or so it claims it does. I will tell you more when I try it on (or if you ask feedback on it). My 10ml sample will be more than enough for now, but you can pick up the full size 100ml product for £28.

Now as I said, there were also two lifestyle items in the box, a pocket size exclusive notebook made for Birchbox and Habitat and, to repeat the success of their August box, the first chapter of a book called "A Perfect Heritage", apparently a tale of ambition, ego and passion within the beauty industry (to find the book click on its name, the retail cost is £7,99). Not my cup of coffee really, as I'm an avid reader/supporter of fantasy & sci-fi books, but a brilliant idea nevertheless. 

With this blog post coming to an end, I have to say this wasn't the best of Birchboxes I've received, but it was a good one in general. Next month another "Pick your Sample" is going to run, this time with Laura Mercier products, but there hasn't been a formal announcement of the list of products as of yet. Whatever they are, I'm already excited!

Until next time, 


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