The Good, the Bad & the Empty #1

by - Monday, February 16, 2015

There is no beauty blogger/vlogger on my favourites list who doesn't have a very similar post/video once every month or now and then, so why did I board this particular bandwagon myself? Well, one's man's trash is another man's treasure, plus I can't find a reason why not to, so here we are, the very first of a series of blog posts starts here! *clapping* 

This is going to be a looooooong post! 
Before I take you through the products a) I'm not affiliated with any of the brands, b) nothing was sent to me, I purchased everything on my own, c) I rarely buy high end products, I'm always on the lookout for a high street/drugstore gem. 
Also one more thing to keep in mind, I have the oiliest skin possible. No, I'm not joking. I wish I was but I'm not. I use way too many blotting papers per day to control the shine on my forehead, cheeks and chin. Now that all these facts are out of the way, let's talk goodness. And badness. And emptiness. 

Let me tell you something about my selection of good products. They are the sort of products I'm currently happily using and would consider repurchasing, unless something else catches my eye. 

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Vanilla: I seriously don't know how many times and how many bloggers I've heard raving about this foundation, so come Christmas holidays I decided to give it a try. Oh boy, were they right about this! I bought the lightest shade, which is not a 100% match to my neutral skin tone but it's quite close, as I fluctuate between red or beige/yellow days. I can definitely say its base is yellow, which is perfect because most pale foundation shades have red bases. It's light on my oily skin, allows it to breathe and lasts for over 8 hours (tested after many long shifts at work). All in all I'm loving it and quite possibly will be repurchasing it.
  • The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for Very Dry Skin: Imagine the world's driest fingers and especially cuticles, then you may get an idea of how bad my hands look in everyday basis. Unfortunately my current job revolves around a crazy amount of dust, which makes things worse. So when I had gel nails applied by a friend and asked her for a recommendation, she suggested this one within the blink of an eye. I now know why. It doesn't only deeply moisturises my hands but also has a dreadful smell, which stops me from biting my cuticles. Double trouble. Would I suggest it to other people? Well, if you're anything like me and tend to pick or bite your cuticles when you get stressed, then yes, go buy it for sure. That smell will keep your mouth away from your fingers for a loooong time. If on the other hand you're a normal person with no such (bad) habits, then I still recommend it, although I do believe there are other hand creams out there with a much more pleasant smell and the same moisturising qualities. I've already bought a second tube myself, so yeah, definitely repurchasing.

  • Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream: Does it do the wonders it promises, a.k.a. revitalise, brighten and lift? Yes, why else would it be within my good product selection? OK, it may not lift like it says, but it sure does soothe the eye area and brightens the skin, reduces the dark circles and makes the eyes look fresh and rested. Will I be buying it again when it's finished. Probably, but not any time soon, mainly because there are a couple of other eye creams I want to give a try first.
  • Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in "Chai": It was about time! I've been on the hunt for this colour way too long, since the whole autumn collection launched. I loved it from the get go, but my local Boots and Superdrug were constantly out of stock, even online. A week ago a miracle happened and I finally found it on the shelves, so you can imagine my joy! The colour is simply amazing, it's a pure grey with no blue tints in it. I'm in love. Do I suggest it to other people? Hell yeah!
  • L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes, So Couture So Black Mascara: This came as part of the holidays gift box L'Oreal was giving to people spending over £15, so not something I purchased per se. Let me clear on one thing, I've been a massive L'Oreal mascara fan since I was a teenager, my love for Telescopic is still going strong to this day, but I was dubious over this one's wand, so never got into buying it to try it out. And I'll admit I was wrong. The wand manages to comb through the lashes with such ease and after the second layer they are voluminous and long. I believe it will be a compadre for years to come.

OK, here comes the bad ones. There may be people out there who love these, but not me, sorry.

  •  Creighton's Squeeky Clean Scrubaholic Face Scrub: You may think I'm really picky here, but that's because I am. I bought this scrub because I liked the smell of it (it's bubblegum) and because I wanted something to use during the week. Nothing really worked the way I wanted really. I got sick of the smell way too soon, plus it irritated my skin (way too abrasive) after the second use. 
  • Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel: Oh Lord, if I knew from the beginning this smelled as rank as it does, I would have never purchased it. Besides that, I did use it for a week to see if there was any difference to my skin. Nothing whatsoever, so in the bin it went.
  • Milk & Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask: You know how masks are supposed to make your hair nice and soft while nourishing them? Well, this mask did nothing of the sort. I do have my doubts though, as this is a fresh product with a very short expiry date, so maybe I got a bad batch? Or it went bad earlier? I don't know, but I'm not reaching for this in the future.

And last but not least, the empties.
  • Clean & Clear Morning Energy Shine Control Daily Facial Wash: Why would I use a product to wash my face in the morning, when admittedly I washed the night before, removing all my makeup? But of course because I apply my night creams and my skin gets oily during sleep, so I need a Clean & Clear canvas to work with in the morning! Plus it helps me wake up because of the lovely citrus smell and the tiny beads in it help exfoliate as well, without irritating my skin in the process. You guessed it right, I have repurchased.
  • Boots Vitamin E Night Cream: This was more of a spur of the moment buy, as I was looking for something non costly to use on my holidays without having to worry about travelling. The cream proved to be really moisturising, but unfortunately I would wake up in the morning with extra oily skin, so after I came back I switched back to my usual cream. Haven't repurchased, don't think I will either.
  • No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover: We've all been there. You put a great mascara on that hasn't budged all day but come the time to remove it and it clings on your eyelashes for dear life. You end up rubbing so hard you make your eyes water, turn red and you damage the skin tissue around them, plus you still wake up the next day with black residue under them. Well, not me, not anymore. Ever since I converted from micellar water to oil based eye de-makeup, I've solved all my problems. And this one is not just good, it's also really affordable too. I haven't just repurchased, I'm buying bulk now. *grin*
  • Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express Mascara: One of my holy grail products. I'm blessed with long lashes, volume is what I'm looking for 90% of the times and this one fits my needs like a glove. Love it, inexpensive, easy to use, always stocked. 
  • No7 Youthful Eye Serum: There will be people out there thinking "Why are you using a serum when you're using an eye cream too? Isn't it redundant?" Well no, it's not, especially if you've hit the third decade of your life. I love the texture of this one, plus it always feels a bargain when you can get 3 for 2. Eye serums don't come cheap people and I don't feel like wasting my money. Plus, every since I started using this I've noticed a difference to the fine lines at the corner of my eyes. Of course I repurchased, but I am looking to other brands for serums too, would like to give something else a try.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, sorry if I tired/bored you. When I realised how long it will be I decided that from now on I will only be showing you three products on each category every month, otherwise lengthy-ass posts like this one will happen again. Have a lovely week!

Until next time,


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