My Little Box February 2015

by - Friday, February 27, 2015

Bonjour mes amis! Only a day left before February is officially gone and spring is upon us, so I'd better be quick and tell you about my favourite lifestyle subscription box that comes all the way from Paris every month, my Little Box. Fevrier est le mois d'amour, n'est-ce pas? And what is the one thing the whole world loves about France besides the City of Light? But of course, their Parisian sense of fashion and unique style! So, would you like to become a little bit more "Frenchie"? Hm?

Apparently the right person to talk to as it comes to style is the quintessential Parisian woman, past Chanel muse in the 80s and an inspiration to Karl Lagerfeld, Ines de la Fressange, so my Little Box invited her over and asked her to sprinkle some of that Parisian chic on us. I'm all about that life.

The beautifully designed Frenchie box features her on the lid and on the card inside, where she offers small parts of wisdom she acquired through the years.

"Life is never what it seems - and that's the great thing about it"


"Being unafraid of not being liked is the best way to be liked"

are only two of the many advice she gives us. There are others too, sealed inside the small glass jar containing "Les petits mots D'Ines", as to which statement items you always need in your wardrobe to beauty tips and generally inspirational quotes that bring a smile to your face. 

Putting aside the novelty of the jar, there is one more item Ines put her signature on and that is the smartphone case. It came neatly packed in the dark blue box that looks like some sort of passport along with two more cards, one of which is a drawing of birds and carries her message of "Love & kisses". The case itself came in two colours, a red and a deep blue one. I was lucky enough to receive the red one, which is the one I liked the most, but I here also have to admit I'm getting a bit tired with the promotion of Apple products. First it was that beautiful notebook case I can't use because it doesn't fit any regular size laptops in it (unless you have a netbook) and now this. Fair enough, I have a phone that actually fits in the case, but if I was a member of the Little Box team I would do my best to accommodate every subscriber and not just a portion of them. End of the small rant and back to the actual box.

In exception compared to all previous boxes, this month the small pouch of beauty had four items in it rathen than the usual three. A kohl pencil, a brow gel, a light face tint and some blotting papers, all full size of course.

  • By Terry Waterproof Kohl Pencil in "Terrybly": I was through the roof when I saw a By Terry product in my pouch! And then I got even more happy when I saw its deep blue night sky colour, with all the sparkly stars attached! Seriously now, this pencil is super soft and uber pigmented, glides on the skin and packs a punch with its performance through the day. Retails for £23.

  • L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper in "Transparent": Yes, another product that made me happy, as not so long ago I read a review about it and was planning of buying it ASAP. Unfortunately my local drugstore didn't have any of the transparent left, so I kept postponing the purchase. Don't have to no more. This brow gel, with its small precision tip and tiny plumping fibres, fits my needs better than what I was previously using! It costs only £5.99 too!

  • My Little Beauty Complexion Enhancer - Glowing Skin: I won't lie to you, but I wasn't excited to see this in my box. I've used very similar products on the past and I found out they look wrong on my skin, mainly because the tint is completely off to my natural skin tone. I won't bother using this at all, but I know my sister will be more than happy to take it off my hands. Retails for £9.50.

  • DHC Blotting Paper 100 sheets: The last of the beauty items and in this case a spot on product I'm always in need of. I have an extremely oily complexion, so I always carry blotting papers in my handbag, no matter what. These here are not your ordinary ones though, they have 100% natural hemp fibres that help mattify your skin in a more effective way, a fact I do believe, especially after regularly using other hemp products and noticing the difference. They retail for £4. 

Quite the impressive Little Box this month, don't you agree? And to top everything up, in My Little World, the monthly magazine that comes in the box, is an article about some of the most beautiful places you can visit when you travel to Paris. Needless to say we had been having talks about a trip soon, but now the destination solidified. City of Light, we will be meeting again!

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time, 


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