Glossybox LOVE February 2015

by - Thursday, February 19, 2015

It may be one of the cheesiest songs I've ever heard, but Valentine's Day is a cheesy day in my opinion, so the two fit perfectly together. And since February is all about LOVE, it was only apt for Glossybox to introduce us to what they want to call "our beauty soul mates". 

I don't know if the team over at Glossybox headquarters was seriously pulling a prank on us or if their attention was focused on the limited edition Treatment Collection box coming out on the 23rd, but although the LOVE edition box contained five full size products and a little lifestyle addon, it did not amaze me. If I'm completely honest, I'm more excited with next month's sneak peek product than this month's box.

Let me tell you my thoughts on my "beauty soul mates".

  • Royal Apothic Tinties: This is last month's sneak peek item, a beautifully packaged lip balm in a coral shade loved by many. The brand is based in Los Angeles and apparently has many fans, even celebrities, but I'll take my stand here and not join them. OK, so it contains shea butter and a trio of oils (argan, grape seed and almond) to help nourish the lips, but you can't call a lip balm a tint when it leaves no actual tint behind! It applies completely and utterly sheer, so how exactly is that a tint? Also, although the packaging is really lovely, it's not travel friendly, unless you don't care if you break the decorative lid. 3,4g retail for $14.

  • Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor: Excuse me if I can't see how a razor qualifies as a beauty soul mate. Despite the fact that a vast majority of women prefer to wax nowadays than shave (which would render this useless to them), I believe this to be an item related to personal hygiene more than anything else and not beauty. Poor choice there Glossy team. Luckily I'm one of the few that still shave, so at least this won't go to waste. Razor retails for £9.99.

  • MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow in "Fifty Shades": Before I say anything else, I'm declaring a love/hate relationship with all loose powder eyeshadows. They tend to be highly pigmented and pack a "I want all eyes on me tonight" punch, but I hate that you have to prime your lids no matter what and also be very careful of the fallout while applying. Putting all these aside, I do like the dark silver shade but I can't see myself using it, as it is too much trouble. Plus, and this is one VERY beauty irrelevant reason, I hate its name. And I hate the book/movie and the abusive relationship it promotes. 1,2g retail for £14,49.

  • So Susan Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette: I know you are probably getting tired of my complaints by now, but I prefer to be honest to the people who are giving me their precious time to read these here lines. I really hoped this palette from So Susan would be something good if not spectacular, especially after using their blush powder and loving it for all this time, but unfortunately I was wrong. Besides the feeling of cheap, little girl's toy make-up kit you get when you open it, the creams smell of plastic and the selection of colours is in my opinion poor. I understand February is the month of red, but I wouldn't pay the £8 it retails for, I would have preferred a red lip liner more. At least the cardboard packaging it comes in looks pretty.

  • B. Cosmetics Lengthening, Defining and Volumising Waterproof Mascara: The last product in my box and the only one I was actually happy receiving, as I currently didn't own a waterproof mascara. I do love the old fashioned wands, the ones that look like spoolie brushes, I feel they are the best for volume to any type of eyelashes. They definitely are the best for me and this one is no exception. It has already replaced the mascara I carry with me in my handbag. Find it at Superdrug for £9,99.

There is one thing I found adorable in the box and that was the lifestyle addon, a small pack of "Love Hearts" sweets. I would have found it even more entertaining if it matched my humour and instead of cute things they had things like "I hate you" on them, but that's just me I guess. 

Let me know what was in your Glossybox this month or what you think of mine. Or tell me why you hate/love it when I'm complaining. Or say something, say something, anything!

Until next time, 


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